✨What’s Still In Your Backpack?!✨✨

What are you still carrying in your backpack?

This question keeps coming up for me time and time again.

We are currently in the Lionsgate portal and the energies are strongly urging us to clear all that no longer serves so that we can shift to our next highest level of being.

In the lead up to the Lionsgate portal I went through a prolonged period of sheer exhaustion. I had no energy or motivation to DO anything.

Had I not been working consciously on my ascension process I would probably have rushed to the doctors worrying that something was seriously ‘wrong’ with me.

However I KNEW that the process I was going through was just another aspect of being in FLOW with the natural energetic rhythm. It was a period of integration, receptivity, downloading and embracing the DIVINE FEMININE energy of BE-ing.

Yes it was frustrating at times to my small human self as I had previously been inspired to create a second Mundane to Magical Summit to air in Sept/Oct of this year!

But I accepted the energetic space I was in and trusted that it would pass and shift at the perfect time to enable me to complete the ‘work’ that had to be done for the summit if that was still in alignment with my truth.

So now the energy is shifting and I find myself like many others, in PURGE mode.

This Lionsgate is really strongly calling us to ‘LIGHTEN UP’, to see what is in the backpack of our lives that is weighing us down and stopping us from taking that next step in alignment with our truth and higher purpose.

We can’t take anything that no longer serves with us so whether it’s a small issue of clearing your closets and de-cluttering your house or, something bigger like reevaluating your life, your relationships or changing your job and career direction entirely. We are feeling the call to purge.

What are you carrying in your metaphoric backpack that is being called out to be cleared?

Limiting or Discordant Beliefs?
Suppressed/ Repressed Emotions?
Stories from your Past?
Material ‘stuff’?

During this Lionsgate so far for me it’s been old outdated beliefs, emotional baggage from past stories and some material ’clutter’. But I have previously let go of many things over the past 3 years; relationships, an established and successful career, many beliefs and behaviour patterns and blocked emotions.

It’s often incredibly scary to let go of what we have always known as our truth, our identity and our way of being and to step onto an uncharted map!

But we are NOT alone and do have a compass to guide us. Even though our conscious mind does not know where we are heading and what we’ll meet on the journey, we can rest assured that our soul does and that by purging and clearing out that which no longer serves. Our journey becomes a whole lot LIGHTER and we can travel onwards with ease and grace!

To reach our hearts desires and live in alignment with our truth and soul purpose, to truly Stand in our Sovereignty as fully embodied Creator Beings we, like the caterpillar must go through massive transformational change. As we let go of all that was, to become that which we came here to be.

In order to radiate our divine light out to the world we have to allow ourselves to clear the density that blocks our light from shining!

But we don’t have to do it all in one go! Just like the caterpillar, the process takes time.

Allow each aspect ready for clearing to show itself in divine timing, and when it does, rather than getting caught up in the drama of the moment, breathe and embrace the moment with full awareness of what is really happening and the beautiful opportunity being provided.

Acknowledge the old outdated beliefs or fully express the emotions that are welling up from deep inside. And then allow them all to be released. See them for what they are, energy wanting to flow freely.

If a relationship or role feels like it’s dragging you down or no longer feels in alignment, trust in the Universe to provide you with something new and lovingly let that energy go. The only constant in life is change and yet this is the main thing that our small human self, our Ego fears the most.

We have to BE the change we want to see in the world.

Wishing you all so much love on your journeys!

And know that there is support for you in both the physical and etheric realms as you traverse this path to Soul Embodiment!

In Love, Light & Service to ALL,