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    Our Privacy Policy

    We place the utmost importance on your privacy, so please rest assured that any personal information that you give us will remain securely stored and will never be shared with any third-party organisations. We will only ask you for information that we feel we must have in order to ensure that we can meet your needs and expectations as efficiently and effectively as possible. Under new Data Protection (GDPR) regulations, we must ask for your consent to the use of your personal information as described. By filling up this form, we will assume you are happy to continue using our website based on the information given in this Privacy Policy.

    Terms and Conditions

    Rescheduling Appointments: If for any reason you are unable to make an appointment, 24hrs notice is required via email or messenger. If no notice is given a time penalty of 15mins will be incurred on your package total.
    Please use the reschedule facility via your acuity confirmation email to reschedule any appointments.
    Cancelling a Package: If at any time you wish to cancel your package please give notice of your wish to cancel and you will only be charged for the time utilised up until the time of cancellation.
    Refund Policy: There are no refunds for completed sessions, mp3s, or teleconferences.
    Disclaimer: Any health concerns should always be discussed with a health professional. I am not a qualified physician and cannot diagnose medical conditions, none of the advice given during a session is meant to treat disease and is utilised at your own risk. Privacy: At no point in time do we give out your information. All sessions are entirely private. I value your privacy.

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    Code of Practice

    • As with my life, my work is fulfilled with the utmost integrity and authenticity and without judgement.
    • I provide a safe space for my client(s) to experience the work fully and enable the complete integration of any healing work whether it be completed remotely or face to face.
    • I maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.
    • I bring forth high level esoteric teachings to earth with humour and in a way that they are easily understood by all.
    • I walk alongside those who are willing to walk their own healing path, their paths back to wholeness, assisting and guiding those who are willing and ready where needed so that they can stand in their own sovereignty.
    • I work to empower others, to enable them to come into wholeness with clear and firm boundaries and to enable them to connect with and fully integrate their own truths.
    • All truths are not the same, but they are all equal. My truth may differ from yours, but they hold equal standing and are equally respected.
    • I work in sacred communion and alliance with spirit and my work is completed in alignment with that sacred alliance.
    • I will share any messages received through spirit with respect for the feelings of others however, I will share them true to the wording, phrasing, and intonation that spirit has transmitted them with.
    • Any messages channelled by me from spirit are done with the highest vibration of love and with the intention of the greatest and highest good for those receiving the messages. They are channelled with the intention of healing and for the highest growth and evolution of the those who receive them.
    • All healing work is done with absolute love and compassion.
    • Any healing work requested by the client is intended to be fulfilled however, a caveat exists that the intention of a healing session is not only to fulfil the clients wishes but to provide the perfect healing for the client at that time, this may therefore include healing that neither I nor the client is aware of before the healing session commences.
    • All work is completed in alignment with the principle that my client(s) are divine spiritual beings having a human experience and as such I am working to restore their sense of wholeness and alleviate any patterns of pain or wounding that my client(s) may be presenting at this time.
    • All my work is done with love, integrity and in a space of authenticity, respectful of the client and respecting my client’s privacy. All notes relating to my clients and their sessions are kept in accordance with data protection laws.
    • I maintain honest and open communication with clients and other practitioners and am truthful in all my publications publicly or privately.
    • The fees for my services are appropriate and fair.