This is the entire collection of “Source Speaks” Wisdom channeled by Louise Matson


As a clear channel for the highest vibrational energy of Source I am often inspired to channel whatever wisdom wishes to be shared at any given moment.  These changelings were originally done live on Facebook and uploaded to Youtube but with the current instability with the platforms on the internet and the information they allow I have decided to provide this library of all the video and audio wisdom sharing.

In Love, Light & Service to ALL


Morning Musings… Shifting From Permanence to Eternality


Channeled Live: 20th July 2021

Morning Musings… Keeping Your Heart Open!


Channeled Live: 4th July 2021

Morning Musings…Having Compassion for Your Small Human Self


Channeled Live: 16th June 2021

Morning Musings…The Reality of FREEDOM!


Channeled Live: 18th January 2021

Morning Musings… Energetic Resonance – Mind the Gap!


Channeled Live: 11th January 2021

Morning Musings…Everything is an Illusion!


Channeled Live: 10th January 2021

Morning Musings…Do You Allow Yourself to Use Your Gifts & Talents Fully?


Channeled Live: 8th January 2021

Morning Musings…Exciting Times!


Channeled Live: 4th January 2021


Morning Musings…Dream Sharing!


Channeled Live: 26th December 2020

Morning Musings…Solstice Blessings!


Channeled Live: 21st December 2020

Morning Musings…Standing in our Power & Embodiment!


Channeled Live: 17th December 2020

Morning Musings… Eclipse Blessings & Fasting Update!


Channeled Live: 15th December 2020

Morning Musings… What If?!


Channeled Live: 8th December 2020

Morning Musings…Perfect Timing Doesn’t Mean Instant!


Channeled Live: 6th December 2020

Morning Musings…Seeing things from a different perspective!


Channeled Live: 2nd December 2020

Morning Musings…Divine Laughter Keep It Light!


Channeled Live: 1st December 2020

Morning Musings… Stand in your Truth!


Channeled Live: 27th November 2020

Morning Musings… Lionsgate Blessings!


Channeled Live: 8th August 2020

Morning musings…Global disembodiment and Releasing that which no longer serves!


Channeled Live: 7th August 2020

Morning Musings… Shifting Perspective!


Channeled Live: 20th July 2020

Morning Musings… Lessons Of The Wind!


Channeled Live: 23rd June 2020

Morning Musings… Call To Action – Go Within & Reconnect to Your Truth


Channeled Live: 15th April 2020

Morning Musings….If You Want to Heal The Earth, Heal Yourself!


Channeled Live: 12th April 2020

Morning Musings…Compassion is Our Greatest Power


Channeled Live: 10th April 2020

Morning Musings… Reflections on the Current Situations


Channeled Live: 7th April 2020


Morning Musings…. A New Perspective To Ponder!


Channeled Live: 18th August 2019

Morning Musings…Celebrate Your Successes!!


Channeled Live: 8th July 2019

Morning Musings..What Does My Soul Want To Do?


Channeled Live: 6th July 2019

Morning Musings… Following Your Heart Doesn’t Always Make Sense To Your Ego!


Channeled Live: 8th June 2019

Morning musings… Manifestation= Clear Intent + Action


Channeled Live: 5th June 2019

Morning Musings… Fear & Experiencing the Ascension Process


Channeled Live: 4th June 2019

Morning Musings…What’s in your greatest good won’t necessarily feel great to your ego!


Channeled Live: 25th March 2019

Morning Musings…. Don’t Judge Yourself!


Channeled Live: 25th March 2019

Morning Musings….Body Consciousness and Clearing Density!


Channeled Live: 20th March 2019

Morning Musings…Clearing Blocks – Vows


Channeled Live: 13th March 2019

Morning Musings… The Importance of Being Grounded!


Channeled Live: 6th March 2019

Morning Musings… Self Mastery!


Channeled Live: 22nd February 2019

Morning Musings…Spiritual Bypassing, Responsibility and Doing the Work!


Channeled Live: 19th February 2019

Morning Musings…Your Identity Isn’t Determined by Your Past!


Channeled Live: 5th February 2019

Morning Musings…Feeling Stuck!


Channeled Live: 3rd February 2019

Morning Musings…Powerful Energies!! Be Kind to Yourself!


Channeled Live: 17th January 2019

Morning Musings… What’s Brexit got to do with Soul Evolution?!


Channeled Live: 14th January 2019

Morning Musings…Rise UP from the Stagnant Pool!


Channeled Live: 11th January 2019

Morning Musings…Stay Fully Present in the Step You’re In!


Channeled Live: 1st January 2019


Morning Musings…. Stop Procrastinating!


Channeled Live: 12th November 2018

Morning Musings…The Journey Starts With You!


Channeled Live: 2nd November 2018

Morning Musings…..Let Abundance In!


Channeled Live: 25th October 2018

Morning Musings…Love & Self Acceptance


Channeled Live: 26th September 2018

Morning Musings…Let Everything Come From Love!


Channeled Live: 22nd September 2018

everything comes from love-2

Morning Musings…When the Going Gets Tough!


Channeled Live: 20th September 2018

Morning Musings…Fear & Trust.


Channeled Live: 19th September 2018

Morning Musings…Connecting to your Self and being fully Present.


Channeled Live: 15th September 2018

Morning Musings…Listening to your Body.


Channeled Live: 14th September 2018

Morning Musings…Authenticity


Channeled Live: 13th September 2018

Morning Musings…Radical Responsibility.


Channeled Live: 12th September 2018

Morning Musings…Self Love.


Channeled Live: 11th September 2018

Morning Musings…Anything is Possible.


Channeled Live: 10th September 2018

Morning Musings…Perfect Timing.


Channeled Live: 9th September 2018

Morning Musings…Priorities, Time & Exploring Possibilities.


Channeled Live: 8th September 2018

Morning Musings…Everyone in your external reality is a mirror to your Self!


Channeled Live: 7th September 2018

Morning Musings…The Answers you seek are not outside yourself, acknowledge the wisdom within


Channeled Live: 6th September 2018


Morning Musings… Spirituality What Does It Mean To You?


Channeled Live: 7th July 2017