✨Meet Suffering with Grace!✨✨

“Suffering is Grace” Richard Rudd, The 22nd Gene Key

I have recently reconnected with the Gene Keys ‘Seven Sacred Seals’ program and the first seal to work with is Grace.

I happen to have the 22nd Gene Key of Grace in my holographic profile (visit https://genekeys.com to receive a free holographic profile) and have at times struggled with the concept that ‘Suffering is Grace’.

I understood that our soul’s chose our life path and the events and players on it to learn/ experience certain things and I also understood the concept of Karma and resolving Karmic Contracts in this lifetime. Therefore, I was OK with the understanding that everything is perfect for our evolutionary growth even though at times the experiences within the physical world can seem far from perfect.

However, I still struggled to get my head around the idea that ‘Suffering is Grace’.

Finally today it began to unfold for me…

Everything has a purpose, there is a reason for everything that happens in our lives.

We may not understand or grasp the reason at the time of the experience and in truth many of us may NEVER understand the reason but that in itself is also the perfect journey for our soul in this lifetime.

It is not about judging ourselves for not getting it. Just accepting that that, is where we are in this now moment.

When we are able to meet suffering with Grace then we know we are on the road to fully connecting with our higher truth.

Ours is not to reason why, the Ego is the part of us that wants/ needs to understand everything.

When we can journey through our life path KNOWING that everything is perfect and has a reason then we are living in a state of GRACE.

We are no longer attached to the details, the why’s and wherefore’s and are living from that space of loving non-attachment, divine neutrality.

I recently had a battle between my Ego and my higher self. I was drawn to attending a Full Moon Ceremony. On the day of the full moon, emotionally all hell broke loose, as that which was ready for release violently and dramatically surfaced. My anger, frustration and sadness all welled up and my Ego no longer wanted to go to the ceremony, wanting instead to hide away and lick its wounds.

But… something higher pulled me forwards and I went, with as much grace as I could muster but honouring my need not to interact with others.

The event was out on sacred ground in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District.

And the midges were out and truly blessed by our presence!

I spent a lot of the time wafting them away as they sought to feed off my energy and came away itching and scratching all over.

The next day the bites came up all over my face, head, arms and chest and I ‘suffered’ with large red welts all over me that itched and aggravated me at various times during the day and night. I felt angry at the lack of information given prior regarding the location so that I could have been more prepared. I felt angry and frustrated at the after effects of the midges feasting off me. And I felt exhausted as my body processed the toxins through my system.

And then I was drawn to listen to the 7th Seal of Grace.

There are aspects of the full moon experience that I understand but the real message for me was the reminder of Divine Neutrality and meeting life with Grace!

Whatever the ‘reason’ or ‘purpose’ doesn’t really matter the gift…. meet the experience with Grace and receive the many blessings held within!

As we do one thing we do all things. If we can practice Grace in the small things in life, then we shall be ready for any larger events if and when they show.

I hope this assists you in some way to meet your suffering with Grace.

In Love, Light & Service