I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



I awoke from a dream the other night with this message from Source coming through really strongly.

The dream involved my ex-husband and in it I was frustrated because I was trying to hurt him but couldn’t – my blows were ineffectual.

The realisation behind this message and the dream was, that Revenge IS Futile. You are not so much angry with what someone else did or didn’t do. You are more angry at what YOUR response was; what you did or didn’t say or do. And whether that response was in alignment with your truth or not. My dream made me realise that throughout my life I had kept myself in situations that were detrimental to me purely out of revenge. I wanted to hurt the other person as much as I perceived that they had hurt me but it was a futile task. And merely lead to me hurting all the more.

It was futile because THEY were NOT the ones that hurt me. It was MY response to their actions that hurt me. And that the right action is really all about making peace with MYSELF and moving on.

Revenge IS futile as is holding onto anger. We only harm ourselves further by holding onto those intense lower vibrational energies. And in fact we are merely continuing to direct the pain inwards.

What the other person does in an interaction is only one aspect of the hurt response and anger response that plays out inside of us.

There are always two parts of every story and at least two people within every argument. It’s not just about the other person and until and unless we look honestly at our side of the interaction and take responsibility of that, whether we perceive ourselves to be the perpetrator or the victim we will NEVER release it or heal ourselves!

Self-forgiveness: NOT apportioning blame but Accepting and Acknowledging and Letting Go with Loving Kindness.

In Love, Light & Service