I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



Over the past few years Spirt has guided me to do certain things that have resulted in a perceived negative reaction from my personality self (ego).

The truth is that we have so much density, pain, repressed, suppressed energy within our energetic field that in order to fully release and heal the wounds we carry with us we have to allow ourselves to ‘FEEL’ them first.

Often when we are faced with unpleasant experiences we do our utmost to avoid fully feeling them.

I have noticed this pattern in myself even during this accelerated and conscious healing journey.

Time and again I have been drawn to doing certain things that are in my greatest and highest good but don’t feel very pleasant from my human perspective.

But, it’s an essential part of our journey to allow ourselves to fully acknowledge our thoughts and emotions in order to release them and truly let them go.

A lot of my recent journey has been clearing my physical body, our densest layer. And I have been guided to change my diet and cleanse my body of the dense energy and toxins that have built up over time.

The immediate reaction of my personality self however has been to fear, judge and avoid the inevitable clearing process.

This happened again recently where I was drawn to eating and drinking fermented food/ beverages.

I was excited to create my own water kefir and enjoyed drinking it. Then the clearing process began and I immediately fell into the fear based programming I have been clearing on many levels for the past 2 years.

My mind immediately tried to convince me I had been poisoned (a common program for me to block any real progress in my clearing/healing process)!

But, I tuned into spirit and asked what was going on and I received the answers I needed to allow me to surrender fully to the painful and unpleasant process that followed over the next 24 hours.

I can however look back over my journey and see where I have been guided to take similar action and when the going got tough stepped back and swore to myself I wouldn’t do that again.

In so doing, I merely created another layer of density and vows that I would inevitably have to release to enable me to be fully cleared from the density and wounds I carry.

We carry this density and these wounds within our entire field even at soul level. To fully heal them we have to allow ourselves to acknowledge their existence, give them space, feel them and let them go.

If you are avoiding the process of feeling what is coming up for you; be it physical, emotional or mental then you are bypassing the true healing process and blocking your ascension journey.

This spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bypassing means that you are keeping yourself where you are (remaining in your comfort zone) and missing out on the truly magical journey of embodying your soul into your physical form and living your soul-fuelled magical life!

I am on this journey with you all and am no different to you. We all have our issues to deal with and a lot of the work can be done energetically but there comes a point where we have to connect with the healing work on a physical and visceral level.

We are spiritual beings having a physical human experience and as such the mission for all of us is to embody ALL of ourselves into this physical vessel and live our soul-full lives.

Therefore we cannot bypass the physical aspect of this journey!

May each of our journeys of healing and embodiment be filled with the utmost ease and grace!

In Love, Light & Service to ALL