I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



This is the message that came through strongly today during and following my ‘Heal the Earth’ journey this morning.

I have always known through my astrological natal chart that I have a ‘Mother Wound’

Not that I required my chart to be done to know this as my whole life was a representation of this wound

I have Chrion in Aries and this has always been explained to me as indicating a Mother wound. I had always taken this to mean the wounds I have within my relationship with my birth mother.

However, today the realisation struck me that it was much deeper than this, that it in fact related to my relationship to Mother Earth!

As many of you may relate to, I have never felt safe on Earth, I have never felt ‘at home’ here

I found the energy too dense, painful and exhausting to allow myself to connect to for any real length of time and spent my whole life in avoidance and ‘out of body’

But the journey today showed me very clearly that,

If I want to play my part in healing Mother Earth and creating New Earth as a physical reality I have to reconnect with and heal my relationship with Mother Earth/ Gaia!

I have to come into unity, cooperation and connection with nature and the natural rhythms of life

I have to heal my relationship with my own natural seasons, rhythms and cycles

No more forcing or fighting my natural ebb and tide to fit into societies rules and demands

I was shown that each and everyone of us are the ‘seeds’ for New Earth

This was an ‘aha’ moment in itself as we describe ourselves as Earth and Star ‘seeds’

And I was shown that it is now time for us all to plant ourselves firmly into the loving heart of Gaia, drawing in the succulent nectar of her bosom and receive nourishment from the sun so that we may grow straight, true and strong

There is no end to the bounty that Mother Earth has to give us, there is no end to the love she has for us ALL

As we come into right relationship with ourselves, we come into right relationship with all things.

Now is the time to heal all of our old wounds and re-establish our relationships based on UNITY, COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY, HARMONY and LOVE!

In Love, Light & Service to ALL