I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



Source’s message yesterday was quite clear!

Compassion is our true power!

At this time we are being called to go within and we have been given an ideal opportunity to do this

If we chose to see the current situation as an opportunity and see this time as a gift then we get the opportunity to really explore ourselves fully and shift our lives in the coming decade to our highest timeline

This time is an opportunity to detach ourselves from our usual distractions

A Golden Opportunity to really FEEL what is going on within us

Imagine a Universal remote control where the PAUSE button has been pressed!


So don’t miss this opportunity by getting caught up in the fear and frustration of it all

Imagine life where the ‘mute’ button has been taken away from the remote control

We now get to really tune into your bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, all of the things we have drowned out with the ‘mute’ button of; alcohol, food, tv, sex, work etc etc etc…

Take this time to really look inside yourself, to face what we have often times avoided through fear of what we’d find!

This is a time to face our demons, to shine the light of awareness upon them and see them for what they really are.

When we allow ourselves to face our demons and see them for what they truly are the next step is what we do then

For this is what determines our future path

If we face our demons and are reviled and try to destroy them our of anger, fear or revenge then the cycle will continue to play out

For we are directing those energies at ourselves!

If we face our demons and show them compassion and love, returning them back to the light we in turn are showing ourselves ACKNOWLEDGMENT, COMPASSION, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and reconnecting ourselves to those ‘lost’ aspects of ourselves. The fragments we have learned to shun or throw away.

Taking the time to do this work at this time is taking the time to reconnect to your true power.


Loving and accepting ALL that you are!

For as we do one thing, we do all things

And if by the time the ‘pause’ button is released, we can show ourselves ACKNOWLEDGMENT, LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT then we can show that to the World and EVERYTHING around us!

That is the creation of NEW EARTH NOW!

In Love, Light & Service to ALL