I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



We are all stepping through a portal, a choice point, where we get to create our realities and we create our reality through our heart space.  Now that reality can be created through fear if that’s the energy in your heart or through love.

We have been given a Golden opportunity at this time, to stop, to pause from the chaos, the busyness, the hustle and bustle of our normal daily lives and see what is in our heart space right now, right this second. 

What is your reality being created from? 

Is it being created from the energy, the space of love, playfulness, compassion, joy or is it being created from fear and doubt?  


Now we’re about to step through the 4:4:4 Gateway.  And this portal is a choice point and the energies are ramping up and we can all feel that, even those who don’t really understand what’s going on can feel it.  You may be experiencing physical symptoms, you may be experiencing thoughts and emotions coming to the surface seemingly uncontrollably, you may be experiencing energetic vibrations coursing through your body, like a fizzy buzz or spasms.  Every aspect of you knows energetically what’s going on whether you are consciously aware of it or not and this is a choice point we all have a choice point coming up. 

Do we choose to create our reality from a place of love or do we choose to create a reality for the place of fear? 

And it’s up to you.  It’s not up to the person next to you it’s not up to the person that you’re listening to on a podcast, it’s up to you, your reality.   

So this is a time to get real and understand what is the your heart space, what are you creating from?

And it’s not about having that awareness and going oh **** I’m in fear.   Understanding you’re a divine creator being, understanding each moment you create your reality and if in that moment that you shine the light of awareness into your heart centre and realise that there is fear in there, acknowledge that there is fear in there. 

You have a choice about what you get to do about it.  

Do you remain in that space or do you shift that energy rather than holding on to that energy, let that energy flow, acknowledge it and let it go. 


There are many ways to raise your vibration to raise your frequency, your consciousness to shift from fear into love and joy and happiness and so it’s about asking yourself in this now moment what do I want to do to shift myself from where I am?

It may be listening to a happy song, it may be meditating, it may be getting out into nature, it may be chatting with a friend, it may be doing something creative, it may be dancing!  It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s whatever is right for you in that moment. 


So, ask yourself, what will shift me from this state of fear into love, into joy?  

What will enable me to shift from seeing a microcosm of this situation and just drawback and get that 10,000 foot view?  Because when you get that 10,000 foot view, you’re not in it.  It’s not the be all and end all, it’s not everything in your reality or existence, you’re able to see the wider perspective.  But, you’re not able to see the wider perspective when you’re completely and solely consumed by the fear.  So, shifting your consciousness, shifting your energy from being embedded and embroiled in that fear based program by doing something that lifts you, brings joy into your heart, brings love into your heart and then gaining that wider perspective you can see that, this too shall pass.  

This is a momentary blip, but don’t miss that moment because this portal, this portal to enable you to shift your reality is coming and you want to be ready.  

So take that 10,000 foot view and from that 10,000 foot viewpoint you can see the benefits of this situation, forget about the virus for a minute, everything has stopped, everything is on pause. 

This is a Golden opportunity for you to reflect and re-evaluate; who you are, where you are, how you live your life.  

Take this time, this opportunity that the universe has given you and from that 10,000 foot view you’ll see many blessings, the quality of the air has improved significantly you can see this from NASA photographs of the earth, the quality of the water has improved there are now creatures living on bodies of water that they haven’t been living on for a very long time and they’ve returned to them because the quality of the water has improved.  And look at the time frame, in the grand scheme of things this time frame is nothing it’s a blip, a miniscule point of time.  Look at how long it’s taken us to build up the amount of pollution that we have created on this Earth and yet the Earth is managing to cleanse itself seemingly overnight.  So gain that 10,000 foot view and it will assist you to step away from the fear and into a higher perspective. 


What if?  

What if we could continue in this higher conscious state?

What if we could create from this space?

What if we could shift the earth on to a more loving compassionate high vibrational timeline for everyone? 

And we can. 

This is our opportunity, this is the portal and it’s up to each and every one of us as individuals to do this within our own reality for as the collective we are powerful.  If each and every one of us made that shift consciously to move from fear into love, that would be an incredibly powerful energetic transformation.  And in a moment, in an instant we would transmute all the density that has built up over time. 


So it’s down to us, it’s down to each and every one of us, clear out your cupboards physically and metaphorically ask yourself, what would bring me joy in each moment, be in each moment fully present.  You know one of the illusions that we’ve held onto in this fear based existence that we’ve had up until now is that, we can control it, that we have control.

Understanding and embracing the fact that control is an illusion and that actually we have been controlled by fear.  Releasing ourselves from the illusion releasing ourselves from what is to be in the next moment, and surrendering and accepting and embracing this now moment fully, being fully present with where you are, with who you’re with, with what you’re doing and in that moment checking in and asking yourself. 

Is this from love or fear?

Am I in love or fear right now?

And then just making that shift, making that choice consciously, making a conscious choice of where you’re going to be in this moment.  

Do I buy into all the fear stuff or actually can I envisage, imagine a timeline, a future where i’m not in that fear? 

With each choice point there is an alternate reality,  you know we are multi dimensional beings.  Some of you may already know and accept that, some of you may accept that on the cognitive level but not fully embrace it within your entirety and some of you may never have heard that before but we are multi-dimensional beings,  we are energy and consciousness.   And with each choice that we make, there’s a million and one other possibilities, you know endless possibilities of choices that we could have made and for each of those choices there is a version of us making it.   

So, if you’re finding yourself in the choice point version that doesn’t feel great, that doesn’t make you happy, that doesn’t light you up or fulfil you, then consciously tune into one of the versions that does and make that your reality.   We are given an imagination, we’ve been given the third eye if you want to look at chakra’s but were given an imagination, the ability to imagine and create from our imaginings.  And the human psyche will automatically fall into the worst-case scenario generally.  We will always imagine the worst, because that’s what we’ve been trained to do. That’s what everything through our whole existence in this third dimensional plane has taught us to do but if we can imagine the worst-case scenarios then we can also imagine the best.  We can also imagine what our personality self, what our normal 3D Egoic self believes is the unimaginable.   John Lennon said it, “imagine”, “ imagine there’s no conflict, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.  Imagine all the people, living life in Peace… you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one”  well that day is now. 


We have the ability, the capability and the power to create the unimaginable, the highest most loving, happiest reality that we desire, that our heart can desire, that our soul can desire because it’s already happening in an alternate reality.  All you have to do is get in alignment with that one, and the way you do that is by fully embodying and embracing that state not just believing that it’s possible, knowing that is possible deep down in your soul.  And letting go of the reality that you’re currently in and shifting into that higher vibrational reality state and we do that by asking ourselves in each moment:

What will bring me joy? 

What would love do? 

What would love say? 

How would this situation look if I was fully and completely coming from place of love?

In Love, Light & Service to ALL