I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



Wow the energies of this month have been intense and a real emotional/ mental rollercoaster for me personally.  Especially this last week leading up to the New Moon.  But as with all things ‘this too shall pass’.  I have been blessed that I have been able to put all the decades of energetic management guidance spirit has given me into practice.  The golden opportunity we have all been experienced has enabled my life to slow down so that I could connect on an even deeper level with Source and Gaia.  Which, has lead to such beautiful light-body activations and transformations that have been experienced because of it.  The clarity of what desires to be manifest in this incarnation through me has been profound as well as the deep clearing and healing of long held ancestral and karmic patterning and programming.  

As these programs have been acknowledged, honoured and allowed to clear I have been blessed with many new opportunities.  This is an example of how fast transformational change and manifestation can occur when we are in right relationship with our many aspects of self.

I have never been drawn to connecting deeply with ‘dark energy’, ‘entities’ or ‘psychic attacks’.  They have not been a major part of my journey.  That isn’t to say I have no experience of them, we probably all do to some extent living for so long within the 3D plane.  However, it has not been my life’s work, my area of expertise to ‘clear’ and ‘release’ them.  I can and do but for some people this IS what they do and therefore their experiences of such things has been more extreme than mine.  I have always maintained a level of neutrality and my process of clearing doesn’t go into the ‘story’ of the energy being cleared.  It was as if the dark energies were a bit part player in the wider story of disempowerment for me.  My main area of work for my personal journey and that with my clients has been to identify the disempowerment without too much attachment to the object/ individual.

I have recently however, found that a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ have been coming into my awareness a lot of which I had no knowledge or interest in previously.  And again, it’s not so much that I have been drawn into any of the stories but that they have been a tool to show me even deeper layers of the disempowerment programs that have played out throughout my current life and my ancestors lives.

Now you may hear many spiritual teachers saying to steer clear of ‘conspiracy theories’ and similar lower dimensional energies that are prevalent at this time.  However, I believe that everyone’s journey is perfect and although I absolutely agree that ‘where your attention goes your energy flows’, I also believe that if we have been guided to something there is a reason.  And for me spirituality has never been all ‘love and light’ for unless we dive into the shadows that lie within us we cannot return to wholeness.  For it is those aspects that we call ‘shadow’ that we hide from ourselves and others that we are unconsciously feeding energy to.  If we are avoiding anything we are blocking our natural energetic flow.  

For me it’s about allowing myself to be guided to whatever spirit has to show me and then allow the process of ‘triggering’ to flow freely.  Remaining neutral to the fact that I am triggered, again not attaching to the ‘trigger’ per se but finding it ‘interesting’ and then delving deeper within myself to find the energy that wants to be released. 
I found the quote within the graphic above on facebook but am unable to reference the source, I have adapted it as Source guided.  The original author is alas unknown.

Whatever is triggering you in the moment, allow the emotions to flow, honour what is coming through for you.  Then allow the energy to release and let it go.  When we allow ourselves to be triggered and release the energy that is attached to the trigger; the thoughts, emotions etc.. then we can come back into our zero point.  We can then return to our divine neutrality and set our intentions from that space.  If we ignore them or deny them, we are merely holding onto that energy within us that resonates with the trigger and that is the energy we manifest from.  I feel to ignore or deny the trigger only deepens the shadows within and perpetuates the reality we currently see before us.  

We are being called to release, to release ALL that is not in alignment with what we desire to create in the world.  When we release the part of us that resonates with the toxicity we see in our outer reality then we reclaim our power and are able to manifest without attachment from a space of LOVE and NEUTRALITY.

I will share an example of this process that I went through during this lockdown period.  For me, release often flows in the form of poetry.  But for each aspect, I allowed myself to fully feel and honour them in the moment. 

In Love, Light & Service to ALL



I am feeling scared
I am feeling vulnerable
I am feeling insignificant
I am feeling powerless

But I am not those things
They are transient frequencies passing through my consciousness
I am aware of them
I am honouring them
And I am letting them flow through me

But who AM I?
What AM I really?
Beyond the flesh and bone?

I AM the earth beneath my feet
I AM the rocks and stones
I AM the birds that sing in the trees
I AM the wind that moans

I AM everything and everywhere
I AM you and I am me
I AM the smallest microbe and I AM the largest tree

But more than all these things I’ve named
I AM pure energy

I AM the frequency of LOVE and LIGHT
I AM ALL frequency
And in my expanded conscious state
I AM completely FREE

No-one can force or harm me
Nor overpower me
For in my purest expanded state
There is no-one but ME!