I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through recently



I found this Prayer by Sheree Bliss Tilsley on a friends Facebook page and it touched me deeply when I read it as it resonated so strongly with me and how I see my work.  It touched me so deeply that I felt drawn to write more about why it resonates so strongly and how it sums up Spiritual and Energetic Healing for me. 
My work is all around empowering people to Stand In Their Sovereignty as my life has been a path walked from Disempowerment to Sovereignty.
But what does that even mean?
To empower others to stand in their light, their truth, their power as ALL that they are.
What is ALL that you are?
ALL that you are is ALL of the very obvious human aspects of your being in addition to all of the unseen aspects. What people describe as the ‘higher aspects’, those multi-dimensional aspects that you are all the way up to the pure Divine Love & Light of the Universe, Mother/ Father God, Source, that you ARE.
I am often ‘shown’ it as the spectrum of light. There are those frequencies of light that can be seen with the human eye and those that cannot and there are those frequencies that even todays scientists cannot yet ‘see’.
So ALL that you are, is the whole spectrum at which you exist. The ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’.
I was born with the gift of ‘seeing’ the ‘unseen’.
I see the light of who you are beyond the physical, obvious aspects. It is with these aspects, your Divine light, that my work is connected to and built around.
I am here as a conduit for the higher aspects of who YOU are to work through, as a channel, a mirror, a neutral observer and reflector, whatever it is YOU require to enable YOU to Re-Member ALL that you are.
I am not here to rescue you for that would be an act of disempowerment. That would be like saying, you are less than or I am more than and that you are incapable of this journey yourself!
Which is not the truth. We are all EQUAL.
You are a POWERFUL creative being of love and light.
You hold the key to your own healing journey to wholeness!
I am not here to fix you for you were never broken! You may feel fragmented and I am here to assist you to reclaim those parts you feel separated from and feel you have ‘lost’ or given away by showing you that which you currently cannot/ will not see.
If you were broken I wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ you in your wholeness.
And I do!
I see YOU, I see the light that shines from your heart space. And its beautiful beyond words!
I am not a healer, I am a clear and open channel for healing, a clear channel of love and self remembrance, I channel those frequencies to you so that you can consciously re-connect with them.
I am not here to heal you for you truly are not broken. You have merely forgotten the truth of who you are. I am here to assist you to lift the veil of illusion you have placed upon yourself (for whatever reason).
I am here to walk beside you, to assist you and guide you. Through my own journey of remembrance to show you the way, to radiate my light, to give you the subtle permission slip that says ‘it’s ok’, ‘it’s ok to shine your light fully’, ‘it’s ok to be ALL that you are!’
I am here to BE there for you in your time of darkness as others have been there for me.
For we are ONE, we are all connected.
Re-membering is not just a cognitive process but a process of BE-coming.
Re-membering involves KNOWING who you are and allowing yourself to BE it. Thus BE-coming the beacon of light that you ARE that guides others through their own darkness.
As we walk this path of collective darkness so many people are being called to Stand In Their Sovereignty, to be the light that shines and guides others home. Home to the knowing of who they truly are!
In Love, Light & Service to ALL