I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through recently



I have often experienced Dis-memberment in Shamanic Journeys and although this may sound horrific it is actually an incredibly powerful and beautiful healing to experience.
Experiencing ‘Dis-memberment’ in Shamanic Journey’s is where we come apart, allowing the letting go and ‘death’ of the old self to become the new.  ‘Coming apart’ is in fact what we have all gone through energetically over many lifetimes and particularly in this one.
We have become fragmented, fragmenting ourselves by giving our power, our divine essence away or losing it through traumatic experiences.
We now find ourselves collectively in a time of Re-Membering.
This is not just a cognitive concept or process of Remembering ourselves as ALL That We Are as multi-dimensional beings of love and light all the way back to Source, but an actual energetic process of coming back together.
Pulling back the fragmented aspects/ pieces of our divine essence that have ‘come apart’ from us over many lifetimes and becoming Whole again.
I was gifted with the message from Source yesterday that we are all experiencing a time of Re-Membering. Of coming back into wholeness. Reclaiming that which we have ‘lost’ or given away.
In becoming whole we balance and align ALL aspects of our being, our masculine and feminine, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, our highest dimensional aspects of self with our lower.
For whilst we exist within a physical form, we shall always hold the frequency with which that form resonates. So it is not about ridding ourselves of our ego but rather realigning our Egoic aspect of self that has been dominating our perception of self with all of the other aspects that we are. Thus raising our base frequency through realigning and embodying more of our divine light.
Re-Membering is a process that spans many layers and levels of existence and will show itself in different ways for each of us. As we reclaim our power, our divine essence and embody more of our truth, our light. Our outer reality will shift in alignment with our new choices.
Many of you will already be feeling the pull to Re-Member. To come back into Wholeness. To release that which is no longer serving you and reclaim your power to live in alignment with your truth.
This can be a challenging time as the Ego fears change, even change that is in our greatest and highest good.
We are all going through this process to return to the Oneness that we all are. Noone walks this path alone!
If you are struggling or desire some support on your journey feel free to reach out or find someone who you resonate with to reach out to.
And remember, the biggest support team you have lies within you, for you truly are a multi-dimensional being of love and light and can call on those highest aspects of your Self that are not currently embodied for the support you desire.
Alone = All One!
In Love, Light & Service to ALL