I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through recently



I’ve been feeling as though I am in a state of limbo recently. Feeling unable to really move forward and wondering what was right for me to be doing at this time. I felt stuck.
The human ego is often uncomfortable being in a state of stasis, the void, where nothing seems to be happening, there is no drive and no obvious direction to take action in.
The human ego has been trained for millennia to favour the masculine energy of action and doing over the feminine energy of being and receiving.
I asked the Universe for a sign and was guided to watch an episode Bones.
The series is irrelevant, the purpose of the guidance was to provide me with the following message:
“Nothing in this Universe happens just once, Infinity goes in both directions…. You will get another chance”
The context of the conversation on the episode was a woman wondering if she would ever get the chance she’d had for happiness with another partner as her partner had recently passed.
There are two aspects to this message that struck me:
1. The Universe answered a question I didn’t consciously know I was asking.
2. Nothing happens only once, we often find patterns repeating whether we deem them good or bad. These repetitions offer an opportunity for growth regardless of how we perceive them. When we take our emotions out of the equation we have more ability to navigate our way through the growth opportunities quickly and easily as we don’t take them personally.
What is coming through from Source is the reminder that we are receiving messages and guidance ALL the time.
However, most of the time we don’t recognise this because:
We are not open to receive it – we are too busy distracting ourselves or numbing ourselves in some way that we miss the subtle guidance altogether
Subconsciously/ unconsciously we don’t like the messages/ guidance we are receiving – our ego doesn’t like to hear ‘bad’ news. I call this ‘Ostrich Tendency’ and did this regularly for many years in my early life. Particularly when the guidance was indicating a major life change.
We are unaware of the multi-dimensional aspect of our being and are unconscious to what we are sending out to the Universe, the many questions we are asking the Universe ALL the time – therefore don’t recognise the responses when they come as they are responses to the unconscious questions and requests that we are sending out
We have expectations on how we will receive the responses – this is another aspect of not being fully open to receive, if we expect the responses to come in a certain way then we are closed to the many different ways the responses are coming in each moment. e.g the inspiration/ guidance to watch this episode of Bones, then the awareness of how deeply this one sentence struck me. Seeing particular animals or images in dreamtime, lines in songs or something a friend says to you etc…etc…
It is important to:
Be honest with yourself – are you ready to receive the truth?
Be still and open to receive – when you ask a question/ for guidance, wait for the response to come and be open to the many ways that it can appear.
Be detached to the response – let go of all expectations
Be aware of how you are feeling in those moments when you receive the guidance – You may not understand in that moment what the messages mean however when you hold the energy of awareness around how you feel, this enables you to receive the message fully on a multi-dimensional level.
For Example,
I asked a question to the Universe
I then consciously waited
I received the inspiration to watch Bones
I took action in alignment with that inspiration
I was ‘struck’ by the particular quote in the episode
I allowed the message to be fully received
It was only then that I realised that the message received was not directly related to my outwardly spoken question but about a question that I had been ruminating on subconsciously
We are being guided by our Highest Aspect of Self – Source ALL the time.
When you are ready to receive, the messages flow to you with ease and grace.
Are you ready to receive the guidance from your Soul?
In Love, Light & Service to ALL