I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through recently

✨What Are Light Workers? ✨✨


During a client session today this message came through which I feel is relevant for us all.
“We’re just everyday people, showing everyday people what is possible”
We were discussing what our Purpose in this incarnation is and included in that discussion was the concept of Light Worker, Healer and Spiritual Teacher.
What was shared from Source was the fact that the Egoic mind will attach meaning to everything based on what it knows as truth from learned experience.
Whether that experience is ours or another persons it doesn’t matter. The understanding and attachment of meaning will occur regardless of whether it has happened to us personally or whether we just experience it as ‘the way things are’.
We talked about the journey of awakening and the path of the Light Worker and what came through was that Light Workers are those beings of light that were chosen (as many volunteered), to incarnate at this time in the collective story, to assist others to awaken to the wider truth of who they are as multi-dimensional beings of love and light.
The Light Workers are those whose ‘Mission’ is to awaken at some point early on in their incarnation journey and to walk their individual path of ‘Remembering’ and ‘Embodiment’ so that they can guide others along their own individual paths of awakening.
Over the eons of time and many incarnations, Light Workers have been called various things such as; Witches, Healers, Medicine Men/ Women, Shamans, Gurus, Priests/ Priestesses etc..
But whereas in years gone by Light Workers, Healers and Spiritual Teachers would have been placed on a pedestal above those seeking guidance, healing and the path to enlightenment we are shifting this perception to the knowing that Light Workers are:
“Just Everyday People Showing Everyday People What is Possible When you take the blinders off that say you’re ‘Just’ an everyday person because no-one is ‘Just’ anything.”
Light Workers are not ‘special’ or ‘more than’ any other person
Everyone is special
There is no hierarchy regardless of length of time on the awakening path or amount of ‘wisdom’ gained.
We are ALL Equal
We are ALL One
Light Workers are those that are expanding or have expanded their awareness of who they truly are as multi-dimensional beings of love and light and are bringing that awareness through to others in whatever way they are inspired to.
The Purpose of ALL souls, all consciousness on the planet is to ‘Remember’ who they truly are in their entirety and to BE that truth.
The Mission is the how – how to share that frequency, that new way of BE-ing, with the rest of the collective consciousness to assist ALL to come into their own journey of ‘Remembering’.
And the ‘Mission’ is individual to us all but equally perfect and special.
In Love, Light & Service to ALL