I have Channeled More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through today



As I was walking the other day I received a message from Source through an encounter with a Red Kite.
When you allow yourself to be open and in a receptive state, present in each moment you are automatically in an energetic space to receive the messages that are coming to you from Source/ Spirit/ The Universe/ God etc…
I have been in such a state over the past few weeks and received some powerful messages from a Red Kite I connected with, the first message was:
‘Be very aware of what you are requesting of the Universe and allow yourself to make adjustments where necessary!’
When I initially connected into the energy of the Red Kite and asked what messages or guidance it had to share with me I was gifted with a knowing, a sense of immense trust in self. The Red Kite trusted itself and its gifts, skills and abilities implicitly. I was also aware of the clarity that it had soaring high above the fields and yet able to ‘see’ the find detail of the ground below to identify and catch its prey.
These are all important reminders for me at the moment as I find myself in new territory and so I allowed the energy of self-trust and clarity to sink in.
But when I asked if there was anything more it had to share with me I received the most profound realisation within it’s message.
Red Kite spoke and shared that it completely trusts it skills and abilities and is completely self-reliant. It doesn’t rely on anyone or anything for its needs to be met. Yes it comes together with a partner to co-create but then spends the majority of its time alone.
Those words ‘self-reliant’ stopped me in my tracks as I realised that recently I had added something to the intention request I had been making to the Universe over the last 6 years of ‘Freedom and Joy’, I had added that I wanted to live completely in my truth, as self-reliant as possible, self-sufficiently in harmony with the land, in harmony with nature and with Mother earth.
The realisation hit me that the Universe has been providing me with EVERYTHING that I’ve asked for and in particular in relation to the recent ending of my long-term happy and loving relationship!
I’m not saying our relationship was perfect, because within that relationship there was still compromise, as you might say there is in all relationships as two individual beings come together but, we were happy together. However, as there was compromise present, I wasn’t being fully in my truth.
And so, the Universe has gifted me through the breakup of my relationship, the opportunity to experience freedom, authenticity and self-reliance, and what is freedom? Freedom is where you’re free of attachment to everything; possessions, belongings, people, who you were, free to live your life completely in alignment with your truth etc… A clean slate as it were!
So Red Kite was reminding me of the need to be very mindful and aware of what it is that we’re putting out into the universe when we make these intention statements, when we connect in and put out to the Universe that which we desire to draw towards us, that which we are manifesting in our physical reality. Especially in these times of higher light!
Because I had basically been putting out that I wanted freedom, I wanted joy and I wanted to be 100% authentic and self-reliant! There was nothing in there about living with another or receiving unconditional love, there was nothing in there about being in community co-creating with others.
So basically, it was reminding me that it’s important to be really clear on what it is that you’re putting out into the Universe at this time, because, the Universe is and will provide what you request in each moment.
You are a powerful, divine, sovereign creator being, the aspect of you that is the Universe is not going to read between the lines, it’s not going to look at what you’re saying and go ‘oh yeah but actually they meant this…’
If you say, like I did, you want freedom and joy, to be able to be authentic and live a life where you are self-reliant, well then basically that’s what the Universe is going to provide you!
Its not necessarily going to look as you expected! And as in my case, it can be, a fairly solitary existence. All I can say is that right now, I’m REALLY glad I put joy in there too!
The last thing that Red Kite gifted me was:
‘Nothing is set in stone, change is the only constant and nothing stays the same, everything is fluid and in motion’ Reiterated by the fact that Red Kite was perpetually in motion during our connection.
We are powerful, divine, creator beings and as the aspect of ourselves that is the Universe, we are providing that which we are stating and commanding into being perfectly in each moment.
And so, if after an opportunity of reflection we wish to change, alter or tweak our command statements, our intention statements, that’s perfect too!
Through this process of just being in this moment, and receiving the wisdom that Red Kite had to share with me, I’m allowing myself to make a change, to review and alter the command statements, the intentions that I have been putting out to the Universe so that my trajectory can shift into a different direction and my experience of life can be enriched even further.
So, it’s without judgement, and with a smile on our face and love in our heart that we get to say ‘Oh wow, OK, I get to review the wording on that one!’
I might choose to make a minor tweak, taking the self-reliant bit out and replacing it with something along the lines of ‘I am Freedom and Joy and live in the perfect space for me to live and work within a conscious community of like minded souls living collectively, in harmony with the Earth.
I’m still working on the wording but I trust the perfect statement, one that is in full resonance with my truth will come forth.
What are you putting out to the Universe?
What are you manifesting in each moment?
Are you willing to consider ‘tweaking’ your intention statements?
Tune into your inner guidance and allow that which fully resonates with your desires to be sent out into the Universal manifestation field.

In Love, Light & Service to ALL