The sound vibration of your name creates your reality

In many ancient scriptures you will find reference to the creative force of sound.  In the ancient Hindu Vedas it is written, “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word, and the Word is Brahman.”  Interestingly it is also written in the Bible, John 1:1  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Within many ancient scriptures around the globe you will find reference to the creative power of the word manifested by sound.  One example would be that the sound “Om” is chanted for it is believed that this sound created all reality.  Many religions are based upon the idea that sound was the creative force that made the universe.


Your unique Soul Contract Chart holds the sacred sound vibration of your name.  By working with the chart we are able to decode your personal Spiritual Road Map, the challenges you came here to face and overcome, the gifts and talents you came to master and the purpose your soul came to fulfil in this lifetime!  


There are no coincidences or mistakes and your soul chose not only the time, date and place of your birth, the astrological conditions, but what your family environment would be and what your parents would name you at your birth.  Everything about your point of incarnation was chosen by you Soul to give you maximum potential to embody your higher truth and fulfil your destiny.  

With the Soul Contract Reading we look at the pronunciation of your full birth name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate for it is your unique identifier chosen by your soul and energetically transferred to your parents.  It is the pronunciation of your name however that is most important, for it is the sound manifest that holds the key!


The Soul Contract Reading works by decoding the sound vibration of your name.  The system works by transferring the vibration of your name into a form of numerology using the 22 letters of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet.  The process works by converting the pronunciation of the letters found within your full birth name and assigning a specific number or value to them based upon the information channeled by Frank Alper in the 1980’s.  Frank channeled the Soul Contract System over a period of nine months from the soul of Moses.  Frank called it the “The Spiritual Numerology of Moses“.

Within this system Frank found that the 22 letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet hold the frequencies and vibrations of creation along with four other ancient languages.  It is these 22 energies that we look at in your Soul Contract Reading and how they affect your life depending on their position in your chart; the relationship they have with the other energies and any given dominance of vibration which may be apparent.


Are you Ready to Release Judgement of Your Life Experiences To Date and Align with Your Soul Destiny?


Have you ever wondered:

    • Why you experience the same situations time and again in your life?
    • What your individual gifts and talents are as you feel you came here for something more?
    • What your soul’s purpose is?
    • Why you are attracted to certain people or feel that you don’t ‘fit in’?

Would you like to:

    • Understand your experiences, dreams and difficulties in life?
    • Understand and work through your challenges?
    • Engage with your soul’s purpose?
    • Understand your relationships?
    • Understand your Unique Soul Blueprint?
    • Understand your life path and align with and activate your higher gifts and talents?
    • Have your own Personal Spiritual Road Map?


The total investment for a Full Soul Contract reading is £175, which is based on an hour’s preparation time before we meet, and a 90 minutes 1:1 session to give you your actual reading.

In addition, you will also receive the following:

  • A Copy of your Soul Contract Reading Chart
  • The specific symbolic representation and pronunciation of the Hebrew Fire Letters within your chart and how to work with them to fulfil your potential and activate the highest vibrational aspects of the letters
  • A downloadable audio recording of your session

This reading provides you with your own unique Spiritual Road Map which will give you a navigation system to go through life with.

It will help you to align with your maximum potential in this lifetime and each time you listen to the replay, you will gain more and more insights to help you push through your challenges and achieve your mission.


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What people are saying about the readings….

“The soul contract reading with Louise gave me such clarity about my life and why I experienced some of the things I did. While Louise always explains that every part of your journey is perfect, the soul contract reading provides a visual of why that is true.  It is like a map of where you have come from and why, and what you are working on going forward. She brings the numbers to life and explains everything so clearly and with such warmth.  I highly recommend a reading with her; it truly is a gift you give to yourself.”  ~ Anne B

“It is challenging for me to fully describe my feelings about my Soul Contract Reading with Louise.  Moving, profound, and so spot-on in so many fine details that it was breathtaking.  Even more, though, is the shift I continue to feel and experience, even six days after the reading.  I feel different — calmer for sure, but I’m not sure what words to use to describe this other feeling.  Perhaps it’s a much stronger connection with my highest self, and knowing that we’re working in conjunction.  And it is an AMAZING feeling!  Thank you Louise!!”  ~ Shelli F

“My Soul Contract meeting with Louise was profoundly helpful. While I had been looking forward to it since I signed up, I was even more impressed when I experienced our time together. It is awesome, how my full name and the sound of my voice saying my name could bring together such a vast amount of accurate information. 

As Louise did not know my past, she accurately described the physical and spiritual challenges I have faced in my life. Equally important she described my physical and spiritual strengths, which I have often taken for granted and therefore not fully utilized. These significant pieces showed me the various times in my life where I have felt ‘lost’ – were in fact a part of my path, an important part of my growth.
This reading also included my goals for this life time, which again were very confirming of my life experiences since childhood that I had not seen with this level of clarity before. All of this led to the bigger picture of my Soul Contract with my Self for this lifetime. This info brought me to tears, as it completely confirmed who I came here to Be. It validated the changes that I have been making, to transition to a life more aligned with my Soul’s Contract. After our meeting, out of the blue, I got a phone call inviting me to participate in a brand-new process of providing spiritual support to others. This meeting with Louise allowed me to honor my Soul in a new way. Thank you so very much!”  ~ Mary R

“I’ve had a Healing session and Soul Contract reading with Louise.  It has really had a big impact on me and how i respond in the world.  

After each session I felt wholly inspired and more deeply connected to Source and my own divine purpose.  Each session was quite different, but equally amazing.  Since my Soul Contract reading, I understand much better now my journey of disempowerment and how I use that for good moving forward, how absolutely imperative it is for me to fully lean in and trust myself if I want to live an ease-ful and abundant life, and how I can use my innate talents and gifts (of which I have not given much conscious notice until now) to help me along my way.  Louise’s energy is great to be around, and I felt really understood and supported throughout.  She is a great help to have in one’s life – highly recommend!”  ~ Nicola H