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Shamanic Healing


Shamanism is probably the most time honoured system of healing on earth, it has been practised for over 40,000 years. It’s use is global, every indigenous people on every continent has a history of Shamanic practice.  Shamanism continues to be used today by the indigenous peoples of all continents and has experienced a resurgence in practice in the west over the last few decades.  

Shamanic practices like many natural healing practices were often taught through word or mouth and so there are very few written records of the practice.  Shamanic and other natural healing practitioners were also hunted down and exterminated in the west during the rise of Christianity and the subsequent ‘Witch Trials’ but the traditions remained albeit often practiced in secret and the wisdom driven ‘underground’. As stated, we have seen a resurgence in Shamanic Healing in recent years which seems to relate to the growing awareness both individually and collectively of our need for responsibility, a rise consciousness and a need and desire to heal ourselves.

Although some practices may differ across the world with regards Shamanic Practices there are some fundamental elements that remain the same.  Shamanic Practitioners experience the world as two kinds of reality:

The ‘Ordinary Reality’ of our daily lives in the physical world we live and

The ‘Non-Ordinary Reality’ of the energetic or spirit worlds which are frequently seen as being ‘behind the veil of illusion’.  It is within ‘Non-Ordinary Reality where the all knowing, compassionate, loving and endlessly wise spirits that we call our guides or spirit helpers, live.  These all knowing, loving and compassionate beings are there for us all the time, to teach us and heal us if and when we are ready and willing to connect with them. 

Who/ What is a Shamanic Healer and How Does Shamanic Healing Work?

A Shamanic Healer is someone who can change their state of consciousness by using the beat of the drum, rattle or their heartbeat and the heart-filled intention to connect with the world of the spirit.


They come to know the spirit world of ‘Non-Ordinary Reality’ and ‘journey’ there on behalf of the client in order to retrieve information or perform healing for the benefit of the client.  The Shamanic Healer works with their spirit guides within the spirit world to effect change and healing in the physical world ‘Ordinary Reality’.


How does Shamanic Healing work?

When I travel on behalf of my clients to ‘Non-Ordinary Reality’ I meet with my specific spirit guides to receive guidance on what is required for them at this time.  I then connect more deeply with my spirit guides to complete the work based on the guidance received.  This work can be done in person or remotely.  All that is asked is that the client is relaxed and open to receive the healing.


With Individuals there are four main areas of work within Shamanic Healing:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Removal of Blockages
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Power Animal Retrieval


In a healing session any or all of these powerful and effective methods may be used, depending on what is necessary, as directed by the spirit guides.


Removal of Spiritual Blockages

When people don’t realise themselves as ‘more than’ their physical bodies they can ‘pick up’ energy from around us that is not beneficial.  If we are ‘open’ energetically we can sometimes attract energy in or around us that does not belong to us which can lead to dis-ease or dis-harmony within us.  Energy is neither good nor bad but energy that is in our field that does not belong to us, is just in the wrong place and requires removing.

Working under the guidance of the spirits the shamanic healer gently removes this energy, releasing any blockages it may have caused.  This is an area of work that I particularly specialise in.  This work is often followed by Soul Retrieval or Power Animal Retrieval work as nature abhors a vacumn.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power loss happens everyday to some extent, we constantly ‘use’ our energy during our daily lives often feeling drained at the end of the day because of this.  As so many of us have ‘lost’ our connection to Source/ God/ The Universe we fail to replenish our energy as it is being used leaving us with a deficit.  If we were connected to our Source/ The Cosmic Web of life then our essence would be constantly re-filled just as our physical energy is replenished by good sleep and good food.

Our power is not just lost due to our ‘use’ during our daily lives, sadly so many people give their power away to a certain degree within their relationships, to ideas and concepts and to energies such as love, money, success etc.  When our power is not replenished we need the assistance of our spirit guides to re-acknowledge and reactivate it.

Power is often retrieved in the shape of an animal, its particular form being a message for the client about an aspect of the nature of their personal power.

power animals

Ancestral Healing

Sometimes patterns of behaviour or beliefs can be transferred through our blood lines and energetic connections from our ancestors in the same way that we feel we are genetically connected to those who have come before us. Recent epigenetic research is showing a connection between that our genetic make-up, our thoughts and emotions and the experiences of our ancestors, meaning that what our ancestors experienced is having a direct impact on us physically, emotionally and mentally.   Our perception of life is impacted by the experiences of our ancestors.  I have often been shown by Source that no-one who incarnates at present comes in with a clear blueprint as it were, that we all come with predisposed overlays on our divine blueprint.  

Ancestral Healing tracks back along our blood lines to free us from what might be affecting us through these ‘overlays’, these things are often considered as the ‘curses’ of our bloodline.  You may feel your family is ‘cursed’ with bad luck, stemming back from a particular incident that happened generations ago.  Ancestral healing is used to clear all that is ‘overlaying’ your blueprint to bring you back to wholeness to live your true path. 

Are You Ready to Return to Wholeness?

The total investment for a remote or face to face Shamanic Healing is £175, the price however is currently reduced.

You Save £75!

With the remote Shamanic Healing session, you will receive the following:

  • A brief summary of the 15 minute Journey to ‘diagnose’ the perfect healing for you during the session (via email)
  • A full Remote Shamanic Healing Session – Where you sit/ lay back, relax and be open to receive (approx 1hr-1.5hr)
  • Face to Face Feedback Session via Zoom/Skype immediately after the remote healing session or at a time/ date to suite you (30 mins)
  • A written report of the healing session and a downloadable audio recording of the feedback session


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What people are saying about the Shamanic Sessions….

“After a wonderful nights sleep and spending much time thinking about my recent shamanic healing I feel ready to express how I am feeling.

Wow absolute wow, everything you were saying was so true and resonated with every part of me and for that I am so grateful.

When Louise was working, I could feel every area she mentioned and felt extreme cold, I love what Louise has done for me, I do feel luminescence, the yew tree was telling me that I had the ancient knowledge within me and I would shine brightly. Nora WalkinSpririt was talking about the luminescence which is so magical. I do feel that I am more of a star being and am far from home, people do look at me when I have been working with energy and animals, an unseen light to the eye, I look forward to blinding them with luminescence!!

What Louise worked with is so magical and I simply love the idea of the fire and the light and flowers weaving through. I love that this work also led to healing of the collective female energies and the way you say the female tapestry of life is beautiful.

Thank you so much lovely Lou xx”  ~ Louise L

“I had been asking for a soul retrieval and spirit animal work, fervently for many months, and I received a session invite from my friend who highly recommended Lou. I knew it would be a powerful session and I looked forward to it. During the healing, the energy was very powerful, and I experienced a profound soul journey. We had a chat right afterwards and she walked me through all the retrievals that had occurred, gently and thoroughly explaining each situation and its energy. She helped me come back in touch with many aspects of myself, and her report is beautifully put together. I highly recommend her work, as you can feel her wisdom, power and patience as she lovingly helps bring you into balance. So much love to you Lou!”  ~ Yasmeen D

“I just received a remote Shamanic healing session from Lou.  Lou was profesional and informative what the session was about and how it will proceed. I had no doubt I was in good hands. During my session I felt a lot of energy raising, I felt how the session, even as a remote one, was working deeply within my energetic body. I have even fall into a deep healing sleep.

Later on, through Zoom, Lou went through her findings, which I found very accurate. I felt vibrations within my body as we addressed all issues. After our session, Lou has mailed me her finding as well. I feel a bit tired, but much lighter and brigter!. I would gladly recommend Lou to anyone who needs a shamanic healing session. She is very helpful, intuitive and proffesional. Thank you for all your help Lou xx”  ~ Martina A