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Own Season 3 of the Mundane to Magical Summit


Own Season 3 of the Mundane to Magical Online Summit series for your private collection, take full advantage of these Magical light-encoded transmissions.

BENEFIT by plugging into these light encoded transmissions anytime you are called to and on YOUR OWN schedule. Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in the wisdom being shared by these spiritual leaders and integrate all that’s coming forth in this powerful series.

Speakers Include:  Celia Fenn, Nora WalksInSpirit, Rachel Pfotenhauer, Elizabeth Wood, Steve Nobel, Peter Tongue, Catherine Rosenbaum, Xi Earthstar Healer, Lori Ann Spagna, Kaypacha, Sanjay Nimar, Laurie Reyon, Jill Mattson, Karen La Grange, Angela Blaha, Jynnette Lewis, Donna-Marie Hallessey, Carla Morrow and Klara Bilemdjian

Voices of Hope Book

Voices of Hope

I am so excited to announce that the book ‘Voices of Hope’ which I am a co-author of, is about to be published and will be available for purchase on 26th November 2019.

Voices of Hope brings you inspirational and heart‐ warming stories from women around the globe who found themselves in impossible, negative or dangerous situations, but managed to summon up the courage and strength to raise themselves up and escape.

Many of them were trapped, overwhelmed and fearful in their lives, feeling hopeless and alone. They turned their adversity into a purpose that drives them to rise and roar, ready to make a difference. From their adversity, they found a purpose.

Inspired by their stories, you too can make a dramatic change to your life by simply making one tiny choice.

Listening to that spark of hope within us all ignites a passion that can no longer be ignored and you dare to take the next step.

Voices of Hope is the second book in the ‘Voices of’ Series. Following the success of Voices of Courage, Brenda Dempsey’s vision of bringing extraordinary women in business together continues as she shares their stories in an inspirational book of strength, transformation and hope.


“The Road Back to ALL That I AM”


“My life starts out with me playing different roles,

of what others would like me to be.

By stripping away those that are no longer true,

I reveal the essential ME!”

Kaypacha Lescher

This would be a perfect gift for Xmas, your personal development journey or an ideal coffee table book!

RRP: £19.99  P&P: £3.66 to the UK*
*overseas shipping may incur an additional charge for postage


Making Miracles Special Offer Package A

Original price was: £167.00.Current price is: £100.00.

Own this discounted package offered by Louise Matson for The Making Miracles Happen Summit!

Personal Healing & Guidance Session with Louise Matson PLUS The Season Four Collection The MUNDANE TO MAGICAL SUMMIT!

Valued at £167 and yours for £100

  • 60 Minute Personal Healing & Guidance Session via Zoom
  • This session is designed to improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and assist you on your journey of awakening and standing in your sovereignty. I am here to empower you to be ALL that you are! The session can include:
    • 1:1 Energy Healing
    • Channeled Guidance from my guides and healing teams
    • Guided Healing Journeys/Meditations
  • Downloadable audio recording of the session
  • The Entire Collection of Season Four of the Mundane to Magical Series
    Downloadable formats in Video and Audio!

Making Miracles Special Offer Package B

Original price was: £275.00.Current price is: £175.00.

Package B includes:

1hr One to One Healing & Guidance Session  PLUS A Soul Contract Reading

These sessions are for people who are currently feeling stuck and in need of assistance at this time to reconnect with your Soul Purpose and Higher Guidance. During the Healing & Guidance session I open myself to channel messages, guidance and healing perfect for you in this now moment from the highest vibrational energetic beings of Divine Love, Light & Integrity.

During the Soul Contract Reading Session I feedback the information received by calculating your unique and individual Soul Contract.  This session will highlight your soul journey putting any previous challenges into perspective regarding your soul’s evolutionary journey and indicate your unique gifts and talents to realign you to your Soul Purpose and full potential in this lifetime.

You Receive:

  • 1hr 1:1 Healing & Guidance session held over zoom providing channeled guidance and energy healing to meet your individual needs at this time
  • An audio recording of the session for your own use and reference.
  • 1hr 1:1 Soul Contract Reading Session with audio recording and Soul Contract Chart