Spritual Awareness Package

Rather than people signing up for stand alone sessions I like to offer packages of mentoring/ healing and channeled guidance.  This enables me to offer the support and healing you may need in between our 1:1 sessions.
This Spiritual Awareness package equates to 21hrs of my time and is for anyone who wants to go deeper into their journey of spiritual awakening.  This package includes mentoring, teaching and an opportunity for accountability to enable you to reach your soul evolutionary goals.  During the sessions I open myself to channel messages/ guidance and healing perfect for you in this now moment from the highest energetic beings of Divine Love, Light & Integrity.  The package is designed to not only improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing but to assist you to reclaim your truth, reconnect to the magic all around you and enable you to stand in your power so that you can manifest your soul-fuelled magical life.  I am here to assist you on  your journey of awakening and standing in your sovereignty.  I am here to empower you to be ALL that you are!

You receive everything from the Foundation Package:
1:1 Energy Healing
Channeled Guidance from my guides and healing teams
Guided Healing Journeys/Meditations
Support & Guidance in between 1:1 Sessions

This package includes access to:
Teaching materials related to ascension
Relevant Guided Healing Journeys
Total of 21hrs over a timeframe to suite your needs
Payment plans are available


For anyone wishing to delve deeply into their physical, emotional and mental healing.  For people who desire accountability on their spiritual journey of self rediscovery with teaching materials, guided meditations and support & guidance. 
1:1 Healing Sessions
Guided Meditations
Teaching Materials
Support & Guidance 
Access to private facebook group
Total of 21hrs over 4 months