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Shamanic Healing is a healing practice dating back many thousands of years and one that covers the entire globe.
Shamanic Healing is a form of healing our ancestors worked with every day of their lives.

Shamanic Healing works with spirit and spirit guides to put things back in their right places! Whether that be returning ‘lost’ aspects of ourselves or removing energy that doesn’t belong in our field.

Within western society we have lost many of our Shamanic Healers and thus many of us live in a constant state of Power-loss. We feel we have lost our ‘Mojo’ we have no drive, no ‘get up and go’. There is no synchonicity, ease or flow in our lives. We may even feel we are constantly ‘unlucky’. This is due to the loss of our Power Animals – the essence within us that is our inner strength, resourcefulness and power. When lost we can experience among other things; fatigue, addictions and bad luck. Power Animal Retrieval is when the Shamanic Practitioner brings back those lost aspects of your essence to restore your Power.

Soul Retrieval is the process of reversing the loss of your essence that occurs when we experience trauma. Regardless of whether big or small, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual; when we experience trauma we can lose aspects of our being. People often refer to feeling ‘beside themselves’ when describing a traumatic incident or of ‘leaving my heart…’ these are examples of the subconscious experience of soul loss. During a traumatic experience ‘Soul Loss’ is often a survival mechanism where our essence temporarily ‘leaves’ our bodies to avoid fully experiencing the trauma. The problem is that often those parts of our essence do not return and become ‘lost’. Examples of the symptoms of soul loss can be; not feeling fully present, feeling like you don’t fit in, not feeling fully here, it can also be expressed as addictions where we are trying to replace the ‘lost’ aspect of ourselves with a substitute.

Any form of energetic loss; loss of power or soul essence, can lead to lower vibrational energies entering our energetic field. Everything is energy; thoughts, emotions, solid objects etc. If we have ‘holes’ in our field we are creating space that can be filled by undesirable energy. ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’. The symptoms can range from; physical pain and illnesses to emotional and mental states such as fatigue, anger, depression etc.

During the Shamanic Healing process the practitioner will remove and neutralise the unwanted/misplaced energy and replace it with the clients ‘lost’ Power and/ or soul essence.

I am happy to say that this practice can be completed remotely as well as face to face and so I can open it up to anyone who is interested in experiencing Shamanic Healing.

What you will Receive:

  • Diagnostic Journey Prior to the Healing to Determine the Perfect Healing For You (15mins)
  • Remote Shamanic Healing Session – Where you sit/ lay back, relax and be open to receive (upto 1hr)
  • Face to Face Feedback Session via Zoom/ Messenger (30 mins)
  • Written Report of the Healing Session with Integration Instructions