I am about to be published in a book ‘Voices of Hope’.  This book is an inspirational collection of 30 women’s life journeys including my own. 

Just over a year ago after I’d written my chapter I was asked  to give a quote about what hope meant to me.

At the time I said that:

‘Hope is the energy of pure potential, the creation energy before the act of creation.  Without action in alignment to it, hope is like dust in our hands.’

I still agree with this definition however as with all things as time passes and we grow spiritually gaining a deeper connection with ourselves, with our truth, our perception changes.

Following my relatively extreme 11:11 Gateway experience, it has just come to me that: 

‘Hope is that deep inner knowing, our eternal aspect that is all knowing speaking to us, our intuition if you will.’  

But its voice is so faint we don’t recognise it for what it truly is.  


“Hope is our intuition guiding us gently forth on our journey.  Letting us know that an aspect of us already knows the bigger picture and possible future outcome.”

I say possible future outcomes because we are multi-dimensional creator beings, creating our reality in each moment.  There are thousands of outcomes possible in each moment, different timelines for us to connect with and traverse upon.  

Each outcome and timeline dependent on what we are in alignment with at the point of creation or when we take action.  If we create/ take action in alignment with our eternal aspect (our intuition) then hope becomes reality, if not hope is merely a pipe dream falling like dust from our hands.

I am so excited for the book launch that will be taking place on Saturday 23rd November.

The book ‘Voices of Hope’ will be available for purchase from the  26th November 2019 and costs £19.99.

If you are interested in owning a copy of the book ‘Voices of Hope’ please follow the link below to pre-order your copy.

Voices of Hope is an anthology bringing you powerful, inspirational and heart‐ warming stories from 30 women around the globe who found themselves in impossible, negative or dangerous situations, but managed to summon up the courage and strength to raise themselves up and escape. 

Many of them were trapped, overwhelmed and fearful in their lives, feeling hopeless and alone. They turned their adversity into a purpose that drives them to rise and roar, ready to make a difference. From their adversity, they found a purpose. 

Inspired by their stories, you too can make a dramatic change to your life by simply making one tiny choice. 

Listening to that spark of hope within us all ignites a passion that can no longer be ignored and you dare to take the next step. 



“The Road Back To ALL That I AM”



“My life starts out with me playing different roles,

of what others would like me to be.

By stripping away those that are no longer true,

I reveal the essential ME!”

Kaypacha Lescher


This book would be a perfect gift for Xmas, your personal development journey or an ideal coffee table book!

Books will retail at £19.99 and there will also be a cost for P&P to pay.

In Love, Light & Service,

Interview on The WRITE Word Show with Janet Groom – Book Launch 23rd November 2019!✨✨

Interview on The WRITE Word Show

‘Voices of Hope’ Interview on The WRITE Word Show with Janet Groom

In this special episode, I am interviewed by my fellow co-author JANET GROOM (Author, Book Coach, Transformational Life Coach & Host of The WRITE Word Show) about my story in the upcoming anthology ‘VOICES OF HOPE’. Including what inspired me to write my chapter and what I hope it will do for others who read it…


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Voices of Hope Anthology of True Stories of HOPE (due for release 26 November 2019 – available to buy on AMAZON or click on the link below!

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