What does this mean for HU-Manity?

It is a time where all of the old timelines associated with and generated from the old patriarchic paradigm are being released as the collective awakens to the truth of who we truly are as our multi-dimensional selves, as Creator Beings in physical form and remember that the belief that we are separate from Mother/ Father/ God/ Source, The ALL That Is, is and always has been an illusion.

We are experiencing the integration of ‘HU’ and ‘Man’.  As the knowingness of our GOD self ‘HU’ is embodied into our physical being ‘Man’.  

The work during this exciting episode in our evolution is to integrate these two multi-faceted aspects of our self and release ourselves from the blocks and interference programs that stop the shift in global consciousness for all with as much ease and grace as possible.  And my gifts to you today are two light encoded channeled activation journeys that enable you to connect to connect to the pure Source Field of Divine Love & Light and radiate those healing, loving and expansive frequencies of Unity Consciousness out to the world.  

The first activation has been channeled recently to enable you to experience the energies of Divine Love, Compassion & Gratitude to help heal your own inner wounds and release the distorted patterns held within your field so that you can radiate those Divine Frequencies out to the wider world.  

The second activation was channeled a few months ago and enables you to unhook from the energetic attachments, connections and associations of the idea that you are ‘just’ this body, the roles you play etc. and to connect into your own higher guidance system.

Copy of youtube love compassion etc

As we start to understand ourselves to be more than our physical bodies and the roles that we play within this physical landscape we start to open ourselves up to reconnect with and channel our ‘divine’ selves.  

Becoming a clear and perfect channel means clearing our field of all distortions and disharmony, clearing all attachments to the lower frequency communication constructs generated within and by our physical interaction within the 3rd Dimensional plane of existence and tuning into the highest vibrational communication of ourselves as DIVINE.

This activation journey connects you to your own team of highest vibrational beings of divine love, light, integrity, honour, truth and serenity with specific healing, messages and guidance for you in this now moment.  Your healing team works within your LightBody, your energetic field to complete the perfect healing, activation and upgrade for you to become the clear and perfect channel that you are.  This work enables you to unhook from all of the lower vibrational communication constructs the hold you locked into ‘Ego FM’ allowing you to easily and clearly adjust your antenna, tuning you into your individual ‘Divine FM’ channel.


As we move through the dismantling of the old paradigm constructs within the physical plane and embody more of our light we are called to upgrade our channels of information reception, storage and transmission so that we can move through these transitions with the utmost ease and grace connected to our inner guidance system with a clarity seldom experienced before.  It is through this deep inner knowing received though our clear and open channel that we are able to discern the information received through our physical senses with more clarity.


Louise Matson

I was born knowing who we are as spiritual beings and my soul path took me on a journey of denying my truth to fully experience what it is like to disempower myself and allow others to disempower me.  My soul purpose is to help people understand who they truly are as Sovereign Creator Beings and realign to their life purpose and true potential.  To guide and assist people along their path from dis-empowerment to standing in their sovereignty and radiating their light openly to the world.

I am an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, wayshower and spiritual mentor and guide.  My work has lead me from soley doing 1:1 sessions assisting clients on their journeys of empowerment and spiritual growth to being divinely guided to create and host the Mundane to Magical Online Series assisting people all over the world to come together as a high vibrational community supporting each others ascension process.