✨Lionsgate Portal 8-8-19!✨✨

We are currently within the energies of the Lionsgate Portal.

A two week period of intense energies gifting us the opportunity to shift to our next highest energetic level.

You may have already been feeling the energies and the effects of this amazing portal.

The portal opened on the 26th July and will grow in intensity until it culminates on the 8th August then continue on until it closes on 12th August.

If you are working consciously with this cosmic portal you will know how intense these effects the energies are having on you physically, emotionally, mentally etc truly are.

But even if you are not working consciously with this portal you will also be experiencing the effects that these incredibly powerful energies are having on your energetic bio-field.

There is nowhere to hide within this energetic portal.

As increasingly high frequency light energy flows through the portal to us and the planet everything that no longer serves or is blocking your raise in vibrational state is being brought up to the surface for release.

This includes any supressed lower vibrating emotions and belief patterns/ systems that still remain within your field.

I have been shocked to find beliefs and literal repeats of past emotional experiences playing out or coming strongly into my awareness through events occurring in my physical reality.

It is as if they are being ‘dredged’ up from the very depths of my being. Resurfacing so that they are recognised, acknowledged and allowed to finally release.

The Lionsgate portal is here to help anyone desiring to consciously engage with the high vibrational beings such as the Sirian’s, Royal Lions and other star races as well as Archangel Micheal and representatives of the Divine Feminine to really shift on their ascension timeline to come into higher alignment with their truth.

2018-19 has been a year of Sovereignty, preparation for the crossing of the threshold into 2020 and beyond. This portal feels like it’s all about ‘Freedom’, the true freedom experienced by full embodiment of our highest aspect in the physical form.

That is why there is nowhere to hide for our density and lower belief systems. Things that you had long forgotten will be coming to the surface within your physical reality, thoughts and emotions.

But do not fear.

They are rising to the surface for you to take full advantage of this portal’s energies so that you can clear them and raise to your highest next level.

If you really want to use this portals powerful energies just call upon and consciously connect with the wonderful star and angelic beings available to assist with the clearing process.

But remember clearing means feeling, facing and experiencing so expect things to get a bit wobbly for a while.

You can experience a variety of ‘symptoms’ but whatever you are experiencing know that you are not alone.

We are all going through it to some extent!

In Love, Light & Service to All,