✨Lighten UP!✨✨

This message of ‘Lightening Up’ has been coming through in various ways for me recently.

‘In order to Ascend we must learn to lighten up’

This can be taken in so many ways none of which are incorrect.

For me, I have been working on ‘lightening up’ in terms of releasing density and raising my vibration seriously for the last 3 years.

My guides were constantly giving me messages through my own meditation or through client sessions stating…

‘Check what’s in your backpack… You can’t take anything with you’

I took this to mean, de-clutter on all levels…

Release everything that no longer served be it emotional baggage, mental constructs/ beliefs or physical density ie. material items with stagnant or dense energy that no longer served.

So I hired a skip and literally emptied my house of everything that no longer served me – it was so liberating and instantly raised the vibration of the space as well as myself!

I consciously worked on my belief systems and emotional baggage using energy healing, forgiveness work and conscious clearing techniques.

I sought out the assistance and guidance of my healing team, etheric guides and other healers when I came to a space where I felt it needed the expertise of others or where I felt the need for support.

I changed my diet and lifestyle entirely, in alignment with my inner guidance and completed cleanses/ detoxes to raise the vibration of my physical vessel, changed jobs and connected with the Earth and Source each day living a life more in flow with my natural resonance.

In following my inner guidance and living more in alignment with my truth and soul purpose I found myself living a more joy-full life.

I found my creative juices flowing more and more as I lived from this space of love and joy. I started creating videos, guided healing journeys, poetry, artwork, the ‘Mundane to Magical’ Summit as well as channeling healing and guidance to a much higher vibrational level.

But still the message came through..

More recently I took another meaning from the message ‘Lighten Up!’

Have More FUN!!!

Don’t take life and the ascension process so SERIOUSLY!

I realised that I had been perceiving the ascension process as ‘work’ spiritual work but work all the same.

Yes we will release layers and layers of density, yes we will stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone but how we experience this is determined by how we perceive it.

Following your inner guidance is all about following our hearts… What brings us JOY.

But to the Egoic aspect of self this can sometimes feel like hard work because we are so un-used to living from Joy!

I remember feeling utterly blissed out after a client session once and at the same time my Ego was freaking out and asking when it would stop perceiving myself to have been drugged!!

Someone once said… Laughter is the greatest medicine and they were so right.

Allow laughter into your life.

Let JOY in.

Laugh in the face of ‘challenges’ and rejoice in all the experiences you encounter in the knowing that everything is perfect and in perfect timing and you can’t do anything wrong!

Empty that which is holding you down from your basket and let laughter fill your balloon!

Enjoy life and live your life In-JOY!

In Love, Light & Service,