Beloved light tribe

Wow!! What a start to the new year!

2018 saw me really taking massive steps towards completely trusting the messages from spirit and taking committed action in alignment with my truth.   Time and again I was called to take ‘Leaps of Faith’ outside of my comfort zone.

Did this feel comfortable?


At times I felt intense feelings of overwhelm as my soul called for me to really step up and stop ‘playing’ at my spiritual purpose.

(It’s funny how different aspects of ourselves have very different opinions on how much we are showing up and standing in our truth or not!)

My soul was calling for me to really come out of the closet, to stop hiding in the side wings of my life and step fully onto centre stage.

The GLOBAL stage!!

My immediate Ego reaction was, What?!  How?!  Who ME?!

Resistance started to kick in – automatic programming within my DNA triggered by anything shifting me ‘too far’ out of my comfort zone.

This resistance took on the many forms of  FEAR; physical symptoms, thoughts and emotions.

At times I felt like I was drowning, desperately trying to swim to the surface for air!

Then the messages from my inner guidance would come through saying,

Just Breathe….

And In each moment I did.

I stopped,

I allowed myself to stay in the step I was currently in and took a breath, then another and this allowed me to be present in the moment but open to change, to growth.

Growth IS uncomfortable, as it takes us out of our comfort zone.  But to remain in our comfort zone is to stagnate.  To repress the natural flow of our energetic state.

The only constant in the world is change…

Yet we so often resist change as if our lives depend upon it, fearful of what it might bring.

And therefore stop ourselves from achieving the full potential we hold within us!

Our Soul wants us to evolve, to grow to experience the magic and wonder within the world and so it brings opportunities for growth into our awareness.

How we perceive these opportunities is down to the work we have done to come into our centre, our still point and recognise the truth of who we are and why we are here.  To acknowledge that we are more than merely our physical form or the roles that we play.

When our Ego feels stretched too far it shuts us down.  It shuts down the flow of energy from Source/ Gaia to us, stopping us from receiving inspiration and nourishment.  Disconnecting us from our truth.

In doing so it separates us, limiting us to what we can see, hear, feel with our physical senses.

To limit ourselves to merely our physical world is to limit our ability to fulfil our potential, our purpose!  Our Soul’s intent for incarnation.


If your Soul, your higher aspect of self is pulling you towards the unknown.

If you are feeling discomfort or overwhelm then take a moment.

  • Surrender to the experience
  • Reclaim your truth
  • Remember who you truly are
  • Centre Yourself within Your Zero Point/ Your Heart Space
  • Open your field and reconnect with Source (through your crown/ top of head)
  • Reconnect to Gaia (through your feet/ base of spine)


Allow yourself to BE fully present in that moment, allow the energy to flow, and allow yourself to receive.

Because I allowed myself to remain fully present, the moments of overwhelm passed more and more quickly and trust grew between my little human self and my Higher Self.

I began to see the gifts in each ‘opportunity’ and took action on the signs and symbols that appeared.

And I am so glad that I did, now I’m not saying that I no longer get triggered, I’m afraid that is just part of being in a physical experience and the eons of programming that fill our DNA blueprint that are ready to be cleared out.

The blessings that I have experienced, the sheer joy and excitement that has flowed through me by allowing myself to be guided and move past the resistance, keeping my heart open and allowing myself to receive the support from the etheric realms that is always there is indescribable and has lead me to so much internal growth.

Where has all this lead?

To the creation of the ‘Mundane to Magical Online Summit’ that is going live on 18th February 2019 and the launch of a book where I am a co-author and share some of my personal journey of spiritual evolution – ‘Voices of Hope’ which is launching in May this year!

When we allow ourselves to move beyond our Egoic limitations, when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, Miracles can happen!

So HERE It Is!!!

I am SO excited to share this completely spirit driven amazing online video summit with you all!!

I have followed Spirit’s guidance and my heart and created this FREE global online summit:  ‘Mundane to Magical: How to Reclaim Your Truth and Manifest Your Magical Soul-Fuelled Life!’

In this summit I have the absolute pleasure interviewing an INCREDIBLE line up of over 25 amazing leaders and wayshowers, experts in their own personal fields of magic, soul evolution and growth.  Including many wonderful new paradigm leaders who have been part of my personal journey of spiritual re-awakening and growth.

Included in the summit are such people as; Meg Benedicte, Steve Nobel, Lorie Ladd, Dr Steven Farmer, Calista, Dr Jean Logan, Elizabeth Wood, Sara Landon, Micheila Sheldan, Alicia Power, Don Ernesto Ortiz, Rev Dr Debbi Adams, Magenta Pixie, Audrey Light Language, Christof Melchizedek, Kim Regnitz, Katharina Felice, Takara Shelor, Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, Daniel Giamario, Flavia Kate Peters, Maria Christina Owl and more!!!

Over 25 amazing speakers bringing you a SPIRITUAL MASTERCLASS on who we are as Multi-dimensional Creator Beings, how to reclaim our truth and stand in our sovereignty, how to reconnect to the magic that is all around us, beautiful energies such as; Dragons, Earth Elementals, Fairies, Galactic Beings, Unicorns and more!  How to evolve to your highest potential, embody your soul essence and manifest the life your soul came here to experience. How to shift your life from greyscale to technicolor, from the Mundane to the Magical!

If you have been feeling that there is more to you than just your physical body or the roles you play in life and are looking for guidance and support on how to reclaim your truth, stand in your sovereignty and reconnect to the Magic and Abundance all around us then this is the summit for you!

The event starts on the 18thFebruary.  Not only will you have access to over 25 magical and powerful, light-encoded transmissions and activations but you will also receive many amazing FREE gifts, generously given by our speakers!

I am so excited to share this wonderful opportunity with you and very much look forward to seeing you there!

Please share this wonderful FREE summit generously within your communities and help shift people’s lives from Mundane to Magical!

THANK YOU, and I look forward to seeing you there!

In Love, Light & Service