✨✨It’s ok to change your mind!!✨✨

Perception is key to how we experience our reality.

I’ve had an interesting weekend, not at all as I had anticipated it would be but wonderful and insightful in its own way.

And EXACTLY what I needed in this NOW moment.

As you know if you have been following my work for any length of time, I have been following my guidance for the past few years.

No matter where it took me or how far out of my comfort zone I felt!

This has led me to many wonderful new connections, healing experiences and energetic upgrades over the past few years.

One of which was embarking headlong into my shadow work which introduced me about 9 months ago to Women in Power.

My guidance was telling me to register for the weekend workshop, which I did and I sat excitedly on the day of registration ready and waiting…

Then a computer glitch meant that I didn’t get on the weekend event as it sold out in seconds.

A little frustrated and confused with the Universe after a moments contemplation I figured ‘ah well, what will be will be’ and let go of any emotional/ mental attachment and accepted that all would be revealed in perfect timing.

There are no mistakes and everything happens for a reason.

Then I received an email about 2 days later to say that someone had pulled out and I had a place.

Ecstatic, excited and any lost faith in my guidance restored I waited for the weekend to come! This was September 2018 and the event was planned for the weekend of May 10th 2019.

I continued to follow my guidance and created the Mundane to Magical Online Summit where I connected with many beautiful souls both as speakers and the audience. Some of whom I acknowledge to be my soul family.

One such beautiful soul invited me to attend her workshop in Rome (she lives in Hawaii). I was ecstatic and excited at the prospect of meeting face to face and in Europe!!

However the event was on the 10th May 2019, I was gutted as upon tuning into my guidance it confirmed my path was to attend the Women in Power event.

My ego was saddened but I accepted the guidance.

During the months that passed I continued to work on myself, energetically and spiritually, constantly digging deeply through my shadows, limiting beliefs etc and releasing all that no longer resonated.

I was really feeling the shifts in all aspects of my life and way of being.

Things that seemed so ingrained in my psyche and essential to my make up no longer held any sway.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, I no longer felt the requirement to attend the Women in Power event. Again slightly confused, as I had missed out on another opportunity because of it I contacted the team and explained that it no longer felt in resonance.

I was happy to accept losing my deposit and actually felt blessed that both my deposit and release of the place meant that someone else who’s path it was to attend the event would have that opportunity.

During this time, I was feeling REALLY drawn to immersing myself in something creative.

Some time to myself where I could zone out and pour myself into artistic creative expression.

I was inspired to reach out to a friend who teaches felting workshops but all her events were fully booked.

Then as if by magic she contacted me to say that someone had dropped out unexpectedly from her 3 day felting retreat and a space was available.

And the date of the event?

10th May 2019!!

The Universe seems to our small human self to work in mysterious ways however when we let go of what things ‘should’ look like or how things ‘ought’ to be we realise that everything is perfect and in perfect timing.

I no longer get caught up in the egoic need to understand ‘why’ things take such a circuitous route or why certain things resonate then no longer resonate.

The other wonderful insight was that I really was not attached to the commitment or decisions I had made previously as I had so often been in the past (like so many of us) to my own personal detriment.

Accepting that the past is the past and the only thing that matters is this NOW moment and what feels right or resonates in this now moment is all that matters.

The freedom that we experience when we let go of the old belief systems that impose the requirement to stick to a decision made in the past when it no longer feels in resonance with our truth now is immense.

Free yourself from the need to be anything other than the truth of what you are in each NOW moment.

Honour your truth and allow yourself to bend with the winds of change, going with natures flow rather than being flattened trying to remain upright steadfastly against the wind.

Change IS the only constant and when we release the need to control or understand our life path we open ourselves up to allowing miracles and magic to enter our life stream.

P.s. The Picture is a photo of the felt painting I created this weekend. πŸ˜ƒ

In Love Light & Service