Inviting abundance into your life!

When we are affected by worry, stress and fear our energy field closes and contracts.

Fear, lack/ scarcity mindsets and stress constrict you.

They cause your entire energy field to tighten as you tense ready for attack.

Within your physical body you may notice the muscles in your stomach and jaw tighten.

You start to build walls of protection around your emotions and your thoughts become fixed.

If you’ve ever witnessed a slug being attacked by a bird and are close enough to touch it afterwards you will notice that the slug is rigid, hard as a rock as it defends itself.

The same applies to our physical and energetic bodies.

They contract to defend against the perceived threat, not allowing anything IN to harm us.

When the threat has passed for the slug it returns to its normal relaxed state.

It’s physical form softens and once again it opens up to the world around it.

Unfortunately, this is where we differ from nature.

Our ego has such rigid belief structures ingrained within its programming that it perceives many things as threatening:

The low opinion of others


A perceived lack of security or money

The risk of not being accepted or loved

Taking action/ not taking action

Etc etc etc…

And our energy fields remain in a constant state of tension, negatively impacting the natural flow of energy to us, through us and from us.

For us to connect to the constant flow of abundance all around us in each now moment, our energy fields need to be open and receptive at all times.

We need to:

Alter our perception of the world and the energy around us from threatening to neutral or excited wonderment.

Step beyond comparison and judgement e.g. good/bad, right/wrong and experience life as it truly is

Realise that we create our reality in each moment with the thought and emotional energy we send out into the world

Rather than focus on what we lack be grateful for what we have and will receive

Send out focussed intent on what we desire with an expectation to receive it

Be in a state of open, allowing receptivity

We have to believe we are worthy and allow ourselves to receive

A common mistake is to send out a focussed intent on your desire immediately followed by thoughts and emotions that counteract it!

‘I’m not worthy’

‘It’ll never happen for me’

‘I can’t ….’. Etc

Allow yourself to connect with the life your Soul came here to live.

Open yourself to the natural cosmic flow.

Step fully into your power, dream big and allow your dreams to manifest in your reality!

Abundance is all around you, open up and let it in!

In Love, Light & Service ????