✨✨Your Wisdom Lies Within You – Others may hold the key-codes to help unlock it but do not hold all the answers✨✨

Our higher self always guides us to the people, places or modalities that will assist us on our journey.

The mistake our human self often makes is to think that all the answers lay with that which we have been guided to and thus we give our power away to them.

We begin to think ‘if I do what they did then I’ll get where they are’

But alas this is not the case as our Higher Self well knows.

Our Higher Self guides us to the next step but will never show us the whole path.

Our paths may be similar to others and we can indeed receive assistance and guidance but as each of us walk an individual path it is important to remember this and to stay true to our inner guidance in every moment.

My body told me to detox in December 2017.

When my body initially ‘told’ me to detox the exact word that came through was that I was ‘colonised’.

Not great to hear from your body but I accepted it and started to research detox programs etc.

I had issues with Candida my entire life from early childhood and had been to Colombia in 2017 and picked up a few ‘friends’ during my trip.

I had completed a parasite cleanse immediately after realising I had an issue whilst in Colombia but it turned out there were still some ‘friends’ left in my system staying low key so as to not attract attention.

I followed my inner guidance and the ‘opportunities’ which arose after I committed to detoxing my body.

I was guided to a nutritionalist who had cured himself of major illnesses and had protocols to clear both parasites and candida.

Great!! My ego thought and immediately committed to both protocols.

The parasite cleanse worked wonders and cleared my system of my remaining Colombian friends.

The Candida cleanse however did not suite at all!

My body reacted severely to the Candida protocol and it was apparent to me that this was not the path for me to take even though I knew many people who had successfully completed the protocol without issue.

One of the reasons for writing this is we often hear of people who have healed themselves or found a way that worked for them to gain abundance or lose weight or ….(whatever it is you are desiring/ being called to do)

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t connect with them or follow their protocols.

What I am sharing is the importance of following your own inner guidance in each moment and not to give your power away to anyone or anything.

My Higher Self guided me to the nutritionalist, my ego assumed that it was going to be as simple as following their instructions to the letter to achieve everything I wanted in one go!

The reality was that I was guided to him to achieve one part of the process the rest was a series of different ‘opportunities’ each looking very different and at times not obviously anything to do with detoxing and is still ongoing.

The beautiful lesson for me was that we often follow our inner guidance/heart and then automatically switch back to our ego/ mind without even realising that we have done it.

Our Human Self is so desperate to achieve what we have committed to that it wants the easiest and quickest route to the goal.

The biggest lessons I have learned over the past few years is that our mission is not about the end destination but the journey itself and that disempowerment has many faces!

When we start the process of clearing the layers of our core wounds the outer layers are fairly obvious.

The closer we get to the core wounds the more subtle the layers and signs are to spot.

What I have learned is this:

Always stay true to your Self, always ask your Self ‘does this feel right for me?’

Don’t fall into the trap of giving your power away – there is no magic pill or one size fits all!


In Love, Light & Service 💕✨