✨Some realisations around ‘Feeling Stuck’!✨✨

Clients often complain to me that they feel stuck and in fairness I too have felt ‘stuck’ many times in my life.

But I feel it important to understand what this feeling is really about so that we can call it out when necessary or shift our perception of where we actually are! 

So what is it that we are really feeling or experiencing when we say we feel stuck?

For me personally the four main realisations have been:

  • Feeling scared of moving forward
  • Integrating energetic downloads
  • Being in the divine feminine cycle of the natural ebb and flow; the energy of ‘being’ as opposed to ‘doing’
  • Being in a state of denial

There have been many times in my life where I have felt stuck and in many different areas of my life:

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Body Shape/ Weight/ Health
  • Spiritual Development

But it is easy to feel ’Stuck’ and be resigned to it.

To merely accept it and complain, being the victim rather than investigate it further and bring changes into our reality.

Quite often we feel stuck when we are numbing ourselves to our true feelings.

Quite often we KNOW the changes we want to make, what is out of resonance with our truth, our souls calling but we continue to distract ourselves, blinding ourselves to our truth.

And often we do this out of fear.

Fear of change and the many beliefs that are tied up with this fear.

Shifting from ‘Stuck-ness’ takes radical honesty and the courage to take action in alignment with your truth.

When I felt stuck in my abusive relationship it was due to being too scared to take the action steps that I KNEW deep down were in alignment with my truth, what felt right! 

Similarly when I felt stuck in my jobs it was due to the fear of moving forward in alignment to my souls calling.

But it is important to also understand that sometimes we misinterpret our energetic state as ‘being stuck’  and ‘stagnating’ when in fact we are integrating the massive energetic shifts we may have just experienced or when we are in the natural ‘ebb’ aspect of our energetic cycle.  

We are far more used to being in the masculine energy of action and ‘doing’, than we are with the feminine energy of ‘being’ and receiving.  

The masculine ‘doing’ energy is more accepted by society and our internal programming and we often judge ourselves as ‘lazy’ when we are in the feminine cycle of ‘being’.  

This is ironic really as we identify ourselves collectively in name as human beings not human doings and yet in reality the opposite applies!

Recently when I have felt ‘stuck’ on my spiritual path, when I tuned in to this feeling it was actually that I was exactly where I was meant to be.  

I was in my natural ‘ebb’ aspect of the ebb and flow cycle of my energy and what was really happening was that I was integrating and downloading massive light codes and it was taking all of my energy just to BE.

I have come to understand the Divine Feminine energy as the void, something very unfamiliar and scary to me previously.  But now I embrace this energy and see it for the beautiful space that it truly is.  The creation energy before the act of creation itself.

The space to rest, recuperate, to bring together all of the energetic resources needed to birth the creation that is germinating inside of us.  

Without allowing ourselves to fully experience this state we end up using our energy reserves rather than replenishing ourselves which often leads to burn out as we continually do, do, do until we have no more energy left to give!

The final realisation of ‘feeling stuck’ was that I was in a state of complete denial.  

This struck me most recently with my health and body shape.  The realisation that I wasn’t ‘stuck’ but had the brakes on!

I had put on weight whilst caring for my father during his terminal illness and had not been able to ‘shift’ the density held within my field.  I felt ‘stuck’ unable to shift the weight and regain my health and fitness levels.

Although I was saying that I was ready to shift the density and doing the energy work to release that which no longer served, nothing changed. 

Recently, I had a moment of complete awareness of where exactly I was with my body etc.

I finally allowed myself to fully acknowledge the extend of my self-neglect.  Where and how I was taking on the energies and density of others.  This was not just during my fathers illness and passing but my whole life.  My fathers illness was just a catalyst for this awareness and release. 

I saw my body and health as they really were and was finally ready to shift my reality.  This was not fear of moving forward but complete denial of where I truly was in this now moment.  

We cannot take action if we lack awareness!

Full awareness takes radical honesty and divine timing.

Everything is perfect and in perfect timing!

Since stepping into full awareness the weight has lifted.  I am now taking action to address my health and body issues with ease, grace and enjoyment.

So I invite you all, in this now moment to look at any areas in which you feel ‘stuck’ and feel into what is really going on for you.

You may resonate with the realisations I have had or you may gain some of your own.

Allow yourself to gain awareness so that you can make a conscious choice to shift your reality or not.

Understand that we are the creators of our reality and we create the ‘stuck-ness’ just as we can create change.

But I invite you all to open yourselves to your natural ebb and flow cycles and embrace those ‘divine feminine’ periods.  Give yourself permission to BE!

The biggest lesson for me recently was ‘Everything in divine timing’.

When you are ready to shift your reality, you will do!

And if you are not yet ready, that’s OK!  

No judgement just LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of where you are in this now moment.

In Love, Light & Service to ALL