What does this mean for HU-Manity?

It is a time where all of the old timelines associated with and generated from the old patriarchic paradigm are being released as the collective awakens to the truth of who we truly are as our multi-dimensional selves, as Creator Beings in physical form and remember that the belief that we are separate from Mother/ Father/ God/ Source, The ALL That Is, is and always has been an illusion.

We are experiencing the integration of ‘HU’ and ‘Man’.  As the knowingness of our GOD self ‘HU’ is embodied into our physical being ‘Man’.  

The work during this exciting episode in our evolution is to integrate these two multi-faceted aspects of our self with as much ease and grace as possible.  And my gift to you today is a light encoded channeled activation journey to do just that.

This activation journey teaches a tool to enable you to allow the old timelines that are currently disconnecting from our physical reality to fall away with the utmost ease and grace.  As we disconnect the attachments we have used to anchor our energy fields to those obsolete lower timelines and allow all to dissolve from a neutral loving space.  We ‘anchor’ our field into the highest vibrational energy within the Earth field and flow through our expanded heart fields along the new timelines that are being created in alignment with the new paradigm.  


We are being given the opportunity to dance lightly along the fabric of reality like a ‘Cosmic Dancer’ following our own unique golden crystalline thread to our highest trajectory and timelines.  Reconnecting to and receiving guidance from our I AM Presence through our expanded heart field.

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Where we find ourselves in this moment of time is very different to who we truly are Standing in our Sovereign state.

Rather than incarnating with our pure original divine blueprint in situ we have incarnated with a distorted divine blueprint already in place.  Already encoded into our Divine Operating System as it were.  And this distorted blueprint has been created over many lifetimes where we have been so attached to our ‘identities’ in those lifetimes that when we experience the energies we chose to experience we become so attached to them that we make declarations, decrees, soul/ karmic contracts, curses or vows related to those experiences.

For example, if as a soul I had chosen to experience being a victim in a lifetime and yet during that lifetime I became so attached to my identity that I forgot that I was a soul then at the point where I experience the victimhood, possibly at my death or death of a loved one, I make a vow that “I’m never going to speak my truth again” or “I’m never going to stand up for what I believe” etc then I create an energetic attachment that remains in my field after death and creates a distorted program within my divine blueprint related to power or speaking my truth or being of service etc.

Because we are, energetic beings, we have memory signatures that come through from past lives and create the foundations as it were to the energetic blueprint of who we are in this moment.  

So we have these multiple memory signatures that have brought through multitudes of distortions into our genomic makeup, our blueprint and that’s what our identity is based upon.  And because as a soul we have chosen to experience all aspects of being.  

As we exist within this physical body we hold the polarity spectrums of every conceivable experience within our fields., because we’ve all played every single archetypal role you can think of.  We’ve been the good and the bad, and we hold all of those signatures within our template. 

So, we’ve all been the victim and the perpetrator, the manipulated and the manipulator, we’ve all been controlled and the controller.  

And we hold the memory signature for every single one of those roles.  And some of those memory signatures are going to be stronger than others depending on what role we played and how devastating we felt it to be, (think star wars and destroyer of worlds, think manipulator to the point of the destruction of peoples and countries and some of them have been much lower key).  

We came here to experience the 3rd Dimension, and to have a contrast, to be able to make the choice regarding what action we take and what aspect of the spectrum we act from.   

The reason certain situations or people trigger us in this now, is because we’ve played all of those roles, all of these parts at some point and those who trigger us, remind us of those previous roles we played in past lives,  where we were the victim or the perpetrator.  

So the important thing is, to get rid of and release fully and wholly all of these memory signatures, all of the energetic connections to these archetypes which have been the building blocks to our current distorted blueprint, that are the building blocks of our identity in this incarnation.

So that we can actually fully return to our original divine blueprint and reclaim our power in that state of divine neutrality, knowing that at each point we are making choices, and that our choices are not going to destroy planets and peoples in this moment but rather trusting ourselves and trusting our inner guidance that at this point in history we will be utilising our creator beingness for the greater good, from a place of love, from unity consciousness, from that 5th dimensional and above conscious state.  

But in order to do this, we have to let go of all our attachment to all the times when we played in a different arena and let go of the ‘pity party’ we may be having of being the victim, and the ‘guilt fest’ that we may be having of being the perpetrator because we’ve all been everything!

And therefore, not laying blame at anyone’s door or judging anyone for the roles they are currently playing in this incarnation, in this moment, because as a soul we all chose to play these roles at some point, and as a soul we are all love and light.  

This activation is to enable you to gain awareness of each of the different polarity spectrums that hold distortion with your field and are imprinting distortions within your divine blueprint.  This activation enables you to clear any and all attachments and connections to this polarity spectrum bringing your attachment to it back to neutrality and divinity.  This activation can be repeated as many times as necessary to neutralise and divinitize every polarity spectrum that exists within your divine blueprint.

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