Beloved light tribe

Wow!! What a year it’s been so far!

After the amazing experience of putting together and hosting the Mundane to Magical Online Summit in February (it feels like a lifetime ago!) and then running the online course ‘Back to Basics’ I found myself in an energetic black hole.  I lovingly called the VOID!

I had no energy whatsoever!

No motivation, no mental, emotional or physical energy.  I literally had nothing to give to anyone, I just had to BE.

I was of course integrating all the high vibrational energies from the summit and the transmissions received through the speaker conversations and activations.  But I was also integrating my own personal upgrades created through taking the initial leap of faith, showing up fully and doing the work in alignment with spirit.

My ego could have had a field day getting caught up in labels and physical diagnoses but I was aware of what was going on energetically no matter what was going on symptomatically and as always I knew ‘This Too Shall Pass!’

I felt I had an energetic closed sign above my head and although I allowed my Ego to take steps to ensure nothing ‘else’ was going on I also allowed myself to accept and surrender, to sit fully in this space and just BE.

And I feel that is really important for us all.  Allowing myself to be in my flow when my flow was ‘the still pond’ or ‘the VOID’.  With the deeper knowing that this space is the space of pure potential.  The space of the Divine Feminine, the space of creation energy before the creation event takes place.  This is not the most comfortable space for the Ego to be as we are trained all our lives to DO.  But it is an essential space for us all to allow into our lives as this is the space of recuperation, rejuvenation and integration.  The space where we allow ourselves to receive from the Universe, from our higher selves all that is required in readiness for the energetic shift towards the active energy of the Divine Masculine.

Most people today are completely out of balance with the energy of their Divine Feminine and Masculine.  So many people are caught up in the energy of DOING pushing, forcing their ways through their lives as they saw their parents, grandparents and peers doing!  This was me too!  I would feel tired, emotionally, mentally or physically and would still ‘push through’.

Now though I am happy to say that I allow myself to honour each state.  To fully honour where I am with trust and faith that all will unfold perfectly.

This is the energetic space that I have been in for nearly 5 months!

And during this time I knew that the Universe wanted me to put together another season of the Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series!  Spirit had told me this during the preparation for Season One and I kept checking in whether this was still in alignment and each time was told ‘YES!’

Did I occasional think ‘Oh my goodness!  This state better shift soon or Season Two won’t happen!’  – Yes

Dis I occasional fall into lack mentality of ‘What am I going to live on if this doesn’t shift soon!’  – Yes

But the overriding ‘KNOWING’ was that this was an essential, temporary state to prepare me for the next act of creation, the next phase in my life.  And sure enough there came a point where it literally felt like a light switch was flicked on!

I found myself at my laptop emailing speakers and creating the new Mundane to Magical Living website!  And it all started to come together rapidly with ease and grace.  Time seemed to stretch to enable all to get done!

So where has all this lead?

To the creation of Season Two of the ‘Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series’ which is going live on 25th September 2019!  And it quite literally is going LIVE with the very first interview being a live, interactive call with two amazing ladies who have been working with Dragon energy for over two decades!

When we allow ourselves to BE in FLOW and SURRENDER to what is in this NOW moment TRUST-ing that the Universe has our back EVERYTHING flows in divine timing!

We have Season Two LIFT OFF!!

I am SO excited to share more of this completely spirit driven amazing online video summit with you all!!

So Welcome to Season Two of this FREE global online summit:  ‘Mundane to Magical: How to Reclaim Your Truth and Manifest Your Magical Soul-Fuelled Life!’

Join myself and over 14 AMAZING leaders and wayshowers, experts in their own personal fields of magic, soul evolution and growth on Season Two of this FREE online video summit series, starting 25th September 2019, where I shall be hosting a mixture of LIVE and Interactive and pre-recorded interviews, on the topic of: ‘Mundane to Magical: How to Reclaim Your Truth and Manifest Your Magical Soul-Fuelled Life!’

Here are just a few topics being discussed:

• How to align with your Crystalline Light of Abundance unlock your superpowers and Alchemise more Awesomeness
• How deep you can go with YOUR spirit guides
• How to connect to Earth and the essential messages she has for us at this auspicious time
• Specific tools and guidance to assist you in becoming a Holographic Human embodying more of your HIGHER SELF in your physical body and living your full potential
• Activations and light-encoded transmissions to realign the Crystalline Grids of your Lightbody and activate your Crystalline DNA
• The powerful energies affecting us in 2020 and what standing in our Sovereignty and Freedom really looks like
• And of course ~ How to shift your life from greyscale to technicolor, from the Mundane to the Magical!

Register for FREE here to join this high vibrational summit:

The INCREDIBLE line up of amazing new paradigm leaders and wayshowers includes; Sandra Walter, Beth Herndobler, Jennifer Hough, Celia Fenn, Sky Kubby, Nora WalksInSpirit, Catherine Rosenbaum, Ariella Indigo, Janet Doerr, Acurda Melchizedek, Rachel Pfotenhauer, Ana Vidal & Antoinette O’Connell, Brenda Dempsey and welcoming back to the show, Alicia Power and Kim Regnitz! Each specifically chosen by spirit to provide you with the perfect light encoded transmission to elevate you to your next highest level of soul evolution!!

Please share this wonderful FREE summit generously within your communities and help shift people’s lives from Mundane to Magical!

THANK YOU, and I look forward to seeing you there!

In Love, Light & Service