A 60 Minute Personal Healing & Guidance Session via Zoom to meet your individual needs at this time.  The session will target the root cause of where you are currently feeling ‘stuck’ and provide the necessary channeled healing and guidance to shift you to your next highest level.

I work as a conscious channel and during the sessions I open up and bring through the energies of the Highest Vibrational Beings of Divine Love, Light & Integrity.  These can be Angels, Archangels, Dragons, Fairies, Your Galactic Family or Pure Source Consciousness.

I specialise in assisting people to shift from disempowerment to standing in their sovereignty.  My intention for each session is to bring through the perfect light transmissions for your to remove any blocks that are currently stopping you from embodying your truth and radiating your light into the world.

After the session you will receive an audio recording of the session to refer back to at any time.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Working With Louise

”I would highly recommend Lou and have benefited enormously from having energy work/intuitive healing with her over the last 18 months.  I really admire how authentic and honest she is and I know that I can trust her 100%.  Most importantly, I can be my true self with Lou and can tell her anything, without there being any judgement.  She has always promoted self empowerment and encourages her clients to do self healing work, rather than us becoming reliant on her services.

I recently undertook some shamanic journeys with Lou’s expert guidance and she took great care and time ensuring I was comfortable and that Ifully understood the process. The whole process was enlightening and most importantly helped me to learn that the answers are all to be sought from within.  I have really appreciated Lou’s guidance and how she has helped me to step into my own power. ”  ~ Justine F

“ Louise is incredible and has really helped me to understand who I really am and why I am here. An absolutely life changing experience! ”   ~ Emily W

“ I was drawn to connect with Lou after experiencing intense feelings of knowing there’s ‘something more’ for me. I couldn’t really put my finger on it but I just knew that with Lou’s intuition, guidance and spiritual skills she would be able to assist me. And by golly she has! Lou explained spiritually what was happening and after each session I’ve felt more grounded and more confident in truly being me. Each session has not only gifted me some profound wisdom they have given me this confidence to live my life more freely, to be more me. Working with Lou has been transformational in realigning to my highest potential and if you are desiring to connect to yourself more, to live more spiritually then I highly highly recommend Lou to assist you “  ~ Jo B

“Absolutely wonderful session with Lou last week. I’ve seen energy healers before but nothing like this. Lou is caring, connected, incredibly intuitive and SO gifted. What is so lovely is the vulnerability which she shows which makes you feel so comfortable in her presence. She was reassuring throughout the session which made me feel safe and I trusted her fully. Since the session there have been some big shifts for me and I’m feeling fantastic. I would highly recommend her services.” ~ Suzanne W

“ Absolutely Amazing! What I experienced with Lou was out of this world and I loved the space that she created for me.  I felt safe, guided and loved.  She is full of passion, love, willingness, vulnerability, rawness, service and connection that words can not describe enough.  I loved my session and she has a wonderful healing gift to the world. Thank you very much for being you and helping me be myself fully.  So excited for my next session! 💖 ”  ~ Ruth M

“ I’ve had several experiences with energy healers etc and I have to say that this was by far the most amazing and beautiful experience I’ve had.  Lou was very caring and explained what she was doing during each part of the session, so I wasn’t left with any uncertainty.  Lou’s after care has been superb and always there to answer any questions and offer more guidance and suggestions to help me through my journey.  I would highly recommend Lou if you are serious about taking steps to improve your outer world as much as your inner world and she has an amazing gift, which I’m so grateful for. ~ Tanya F

Light Encoded Guided Healing Journey to Assist The Release of Negativity and Reconnect You to Your Divine Harmonic To Manifest Your Souls Desires

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Louise Matson

I was born knowing who we are as spiritual beings and my soul path took me on a journey of denying my truth to fully experience what it is like to disempower myself and allow others to disempower me.  My soul purpose is to help people understand who they truly are as Sovereign Creator Beings and realign to their life purpose and true potential.  To guide and assist people along their path from dis-empowerment to standing in their sovereignty and radiating their light openly to the world.

I am an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, wayshower and spiritual mentor and guide.  My work has lead me from doing 1:1 sessions, groups and online programs assisting clients on their journeys of empowerment and spiritual growth to being divinely guided to create and host the Mundane to Magical Online Series assisting people all over the world to come together as a high vibrational community supporting each others ascension process.