What does this mean for HU-Manity?

It is a time where all of the old timelines associated with and generated from the old patriarchic paradigm are being released as the collective awakens to the truth of who we truly are as our multi-dimensional selves, as Creator Beings in physical form and remember that the belief that we are separate from Mother/ Father/ God/ Source, The ALL That Is, is and always has been an illusion.

We are experiencing the integration of ‘HU’ and ‘Man’.  As the knowingness of our GOD self ‘HU’ is embodied into our physical being ‘Man’.  

The work during this exciting episode in our evolution is to integrate these two multi-faceted aspects of our self and release ourselves from the blocks and interference programs that stop the shift in global consciousness for all with as much ease and grace as possible.  And my gift to you today is a light encoded channeled activation journey that enables you to connect with both aspects of ourselves from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm.  From the smallest aspect of our Personality Self to the pure Source field.

This activation journey connects your awareness with the smallest aspect of yourself as the Personality Self Construct, the cell/ DNA and then allows you to expand to your awareness to your infinite Source Self, Multi-dimensional Beingness.  During this journey you will also be connected with your Divine Healing Team who will be working within your personal field of light to remove any blocks and resistance to the expansion of your awareness to enable a shift in consciousness on all levels. 

micro macro-4
micro macro500

This activation journey teaches a tool to enable you to allow the old timelines that are currently disconnecting from our physical reality to fall away with the utmost ease and grace.  As we disconnect the attachments we have used to anchor our energy fields to those obsolete lower timelines and allow all to dissolve from a neutral loving space.  We ‘anchor’ our field into the highest vibrational energy within the Earth field and flow through our expanded heart fields along the new timelines that are being created in alignment with the new paradigm.  


We are being given the opportunity to dance lightly along the fabric of reality like a ‘Cosmic Dancer’ following our own unique golden crystalline thread to our highest trajectory and timelines.  Reconnecting to and receiving guidance from our I AM Presence through our expanded heart field.