Beloved light tribe

I was going to start this newsletter with my apologies for its late arrival however it is as always perfectly timed!

As you all know I have been in the midst of my ‘Mundane to Magical Online Summit’ and have felt truly blessed to have co-created this with spirit.  The summit has gifted me so much in terms of connection, validation and complete and utter joy as I traversed through the entire process to summit launch and beyond.

The feeling for this newsletter is all around going with our flow.  And that is exactly what I have been doing for the past few months.

But what does it mean to go with Your flow??

To go with your flow is to be in complete resonance with your energy.  To do this you have to have an awareness of your energetic frequency, YOUR highs and lows.  As with all things there is a beginning and an end, a birth and a death to every cycle.

We are entering another New Moon period on March 6th and this signifies a time of new beginnings, an ending of the old and the start of the new where we are often called to set intentions as to what we want to co-create.  But we may not always be in synch with the Earth’s/ Cosmic energetic rhythms and it’s important to be aware and honour our own rhythms.

Creating this summit has really provided me with wonderful opportunities to be aware and honour my energetic flow.  Not allowing myself to be swayed by others opinions, the ‘rules’ I grew up with or the cosmic energetic cycles.  But to really ground myself in what is true for me in each NOW moment.

This has created some challenges for my ego as often I was being drawn to buck the old ideas of right/ wrong, especially when it came to working.  I was brought up by society, family, institution and my alpha personality type to work through my ‘to do’ list regardless of how I was feeling or what I ‘wanted’ to be doing.  However there were times during the preparation for this summit where my ‘to do’ list was long but I had no motivation to complete it and just wanted to be in nature.

The old me would’ve ‘pushed through’ and done the work, tying myself to the desk and resenting every minute of it.  The energy that went into the work would then have reflected this lower vibrational tone.

Having completely surrendered to my truth, my guidance by even committing to this summit and trusting spirit to guide me fully, I made different choices.  I worked when it felt good to work, I played when it felt good to play and rested when my body called for rest.  This felt weird to say the least however the results were phenomenal and speak for themselves!

Whatever I felt guided to do, I did in complete trust and faith that it would work out perfectly. But acknowledging that sometimes working out perfectly can look quite challenging to our ego.  Spirit called for me to do the summit, so I opened myself to new opportunities for learning both within the physical work with technology and software packages but also internally with new ways of ‘being’.   The summit offered me opportunities to work through many shadow patterns and release old outdated automatic programs within my DNA.   As the summit started to get into full swing, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people requesting free consultations.  This overwhelm kicked in big time giving me opportunity to:






many old patterns of low self-worth and self-doubt as they rose to the surface, the:

‘who am I do this?!’

‘I’m a nobody because no-one knows of me!’

‘I can’t channel, I’m making it all up!!’

Then the message to Breathe!  Came and I would go outside and ground myself to the highest vibrational Earth energy and LET GO.

I created a waiting list to appease my ego but spirit told me to open the slots up and that everything would be fine.  So I did and everything worked out perfectly and in perfect timing.

In allowing myself to open myself fully to my guidance, to trust the messages, the pulls to action and committing fully to what was coming through in complete trust and faith I have experienced so much and my spiritual evolution has rocketed forward.  The free consultations/ introductory chats have provided me the opportunity to fully open up to the higher vibrational beings to work through me without any interference from my ego.  I have worked in complete trust and the feedback I have received energetically and from the clients has been out of this world!

I know that none of this would have been possible if I had forced my energy to ‘do’ when I was being called into stillness or tried to stem the flow of energy driving me, pulling me forward.

Being in flow with your own energy is essential for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.  It is what we are here to be.  As we step more into alignment with our truth and allow our truth to guide us we step fully into our flow and align with the Universal Laws that guide us.  Being in resonance with our flow means being open to give and receive in equal measure and at the perfect time for us.  Not holding on or grasping to the old fearful or what is to come.  Being in flow means being at peace with ourselves and ALL that is.

I often get the image of a winding, meandering river, our highest aspect of self holds the blueprint to this and all incarnations and sees the path of the river in its entirety.  Our ego however, can’t see beyond what our physical senses can detect.  It is fearful of what is beyond the bend.  The river has many twists and turns, points of stillness, slow moving water and fast flowing aspects with periodic rapids.  But all is perfect and perfectly timed and located.  Our role is to lie back and enjoy the ride whichever part we are on.  Our ego will try desperately to hold onto the sides at certain points or swim against the flow.

Awareness is key.

Where are you now on your river?

And are you flowing with it or battling against it?

We are not here to kill the ego or leave it behind but journey with it.  We cannot enjoy the experience as fully without our 6 senses.  So do whatever you need to do in each now moment to feel good about going with your flow.  Sometimes this means coaxing, cajoling and sometimes saying to your ego ‘go play on the swings for a bit because I’m going to choose differently this time and you just need to be ok with it, TRUST ME!’

This visualisation is my gift to you this month.  Allow yourself to go on this light encoded journey to align yourself to your own perfect resonance and frequency.  To connect fully to your truth deep within, connecting to your highest vibrational aspect of self, clearing and aligning your chakra pillar and tuning into your perfect harmonic, your individual divine frequency.

This month has two powerful energetic portals both vibrating at a 3:3:3 frequency bringing in the pure energy of source to align you with self mastery.  The first we have already experienced on March 3rd and the next is on March 21st.  Be aware of your energies at these times and take care to allow yourselves to be fully in flow with your energetic needs at these times.

2019 is a year of preparation.  As we do the preparation work of clearing and releasing that which no longer serves to step fully into our sovereignty in the years to come.  The energies are amassing to support us all throughout this time, be aware of the signs and symbols, the many messages and assistance that is around you.  We none of us walk this path alone, if you are ready to step fully into sovereignty and the embodiment of your highest aspect of self then reach out to whoever feels you are drawn to and who resonates with your energy where you are now.  I wouldn’t have been able to create this summit or achieve so much spiritual growth if it weren’t for my beautiful soul tribe and the many different soul mentors and guides within the physical and etheric realms.

May your journey be full of ease and grace as you embrace your own flow!

In Love, Light & Service